Happy Birthday - J.J

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Y/N and Jughead had been friends as long as anyone could remember, more specifically best friends. They did everything together, it was rare that you would see one without the other. People use to joke that they would marry each other someday.

The summer Jason Blossom died was the summer their lives changed forever, Riverdale was no longer a picturesque town that appeared on quaint little postcards, no this was a town of secrets and lies and nobody seemed to be immune. High school seemed to change everybody too. Those once middle school wallflowers now social butterflies (apart from Jughead he never seemed to succumb to the pressures of high school). Friendships turned to rivalries, some just to a subconscious jealousy. Betty Cooper became a victim of the little green monster. You see Betty was the typical girl next door, always wanting to please people and little did they know this would become a toxic mixture.

- Time skip -

A couple of months had past since the horrific events of July 4th. Friends had regrouped and all seemed well. Apart from the fact Y/N had been cast aside for Elizabeth Cooper, nobody had prepared the y/h/c girl for the day she'd wake up and Jughead wouldn't be hers anymore. She had grown so use to the beanie wearing teen being almost like a shadow to her never apart for long. Sharing Juggie had never come up before, Y/N wasn't sure she wanted to share him either. But to see Juggie happy was a bittersweet sight to see, of course she loved him... but just as a friend right? Soon it seemed Jughead didn't have time for her at all after Betty, his novel, the blue and gold and most importantly not forgetting his thirst for crime solving. It seemed she'd begun to fade into the background, just a distant memory. Almost too suddenly October 2nd drew closer, to most this date seemed quite insignificant but to those in the inner circle it was  Forsythe Pendleton Jones III birthday. Now the dark teenager had never been one for parties no matter what, as long as the gang had known him Jughead Jones’s name would never be associated with a party. Betty on the other hand was determined to be an amazing girlfriend and throw a small get together despite being warned. Archie had advised scrapping the whole idea, but no the blonde haired ponytail wearing girl insisted. Archie had been quite polite when voicing his concerns not wanting to rock the boat. Y/N had simply tried to back up the redhead... apparently that wasn't the way Betty saw it. The green monster had finally had enough and had reached breaking point. "Betty Juggie wouldn't want a party. He never has and probably never will, you can't change that." Y/N stated calmly looking around the room littered with cheap decorations while sighing inwardly. That was the straw that broke the camels back. "OH!" Betty hissed whipping round to face to y/h/c girl "And why are you so sure you know MY boyfriend better the ME!" Nobody had been expecting that, Elizabeth Cooper never raised her voice let alone screamed like a banshee. "Betty I..." Y/N trailed of before being interrupted by another screech "No go on.. You obviously think you know more about Jughead then the girl that's dating him."

"Maybe I do Betty, I've been by his side since day one. Juggie is my best friend and not once have I left him to be popular, not once have I called him names. But that doesn't matter right now because everyone knows Jughead doesn't like celebrating his birthday!" Sighing heavily Y/N ran her finger over some of the streamers that hung around the room. "He wouldn't want this. He would want to be at Pop's like usual, surrounded by his friends, the people who care about him." Turning to face the still fumming blonde "And if you don't know that... The title girlfriend means nothing." Silence washed over the group, nobody really knew what to say, nobody wanted to be the first to break it. Next thing they knew was the flicker of candles being shoved under Jughead's nose followed by a look of what could only be described as social horror. And that was just the beginning to Jughead Jones’s first and only birthday party.

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