Chapter 13: Still the same

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Chapter 13
Still the same


"Kath anong plano mo sa birthday mo?" tanong ni Yna.

"Wala. It's just a birthday." I plainly said.

"Seriously? Nasan na naman ba si Kenneth? I know he's really busy, but a quick appearance would do!" complained Lindsay.

"Guys, okay lang. I think he's having a movie with Tricia by some Philippine production. No big deal."

"No big deal?! Ay nako teh! Big yan. Big big!" Yna

"Right! Plus, diba sabi ni Kenneth he doesn't act?" Linds

"I don't know. He's open for changes naman diba." I shrugged.

"Wait guys, I just need to answer Andrew. Kumag na 'to! Ngayon lang tumawag. Tch." Yna

Nakakamiss din yung sungit na yun eh. Nakakamiss yung dating buhay. Yung free lang kami, walang pinoproblema. Nakakamiss din yung times na inaaway away ko lang si Kenneth.

I smiled at the thought.

Ano nang gagawin ko? I need a sign. Cupid?

Hay. You're not even there. It's fine. I could go out of this conundrum myself. I just hope I'm still fixed and composed when I do.

"So ano na? Aren't you going to call him?" Linds snapped.

"Hindi na muna siguro. He's obviously busy. Ayokong maging distraction. Baka mamaya ako pa makasira sa career niya."

Linds rolled her eyes, "Kenneth knows how to handle things."

"Knows? Eh time management naman ang nagugulo."

"Oh don't be so balky now, Kath. Tss. Call him." she suggested.

"Hey guys! Guess what?" enters Yna.


"Andrew just got accepted at Interphil TV network!" Yna excitedly said.

"That's great!" bati ni Linds.

"Wait," napatahimik yung dalawa, "Diba yun ang may hawak kay Kenneth and Tricia?" Yna

"I think?"

"Anong I think ka dyan! You should know." Lindsay scolded.

"Opo." :3

"Sus. Let's celebrate on Andrew's success nalang. Di biro yun ha. He's not yet done with college but may trabaho na siya. Bongga!" Yna

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