Draco Malfoy #1

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Being Draco's older sister, the family rarely talk about you. You were the black sheep of the family, it's not like you were a hufflepuff that would have been bad. No you were an embarrassment because of the red and gold that covered you during the school year. A Gryffidor, how dare a Malfoy (a pure blood no less) be a Gryffidor. Draco loved you, you were the only person to except him as he was. But because of the Gryffidor thing you rarely spoke these days just a few looks shared through the corridors or across the great Hall.  Y/N knew her father's plans for Draco, she would do anything to help the damaged boy. When the War came she knew she had to fight. Fight for the place she called home, for the people who became her family. Only 3 Malfoy's left the piles of rubble that day. Narcissa lost her baby girl, Draco a sister and well Lucius... He lost the one person he couldn't control. Y/N joined Fred that day along with so many other  pupils. The two Gryffidor students floated the halls together for the rest of time. Draco never has forgotten what she did for him, the sacrifices she made. The one act of pure love he would never forget.

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