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Awsten is going car shopping today.  He already knows what he wants so there's not much shopping to it but he looks around a bit anyway, pretends not to have his mind entirely made up.

He settles on exactly what he knew he would when it comes down to it though and heads home in the new, blue Lexus with a smile on his face the whole way.  He can't wait to show Thea and take her and the twins for a drive in it, he took the twins' car seats with him when he went to the dealership because he wanted to make sure they fit right and now they're ready safely in the backseat for the twins.

He arrives home a while later and has to stop himself from running inside.  Elijah and Sam's car is parked in the large driveway between Thea's car and his new car and he's even more excited now to show it off to more people.

"I'm literally never putting her down," Awsten hears Sam say as he comes in and finds Sam sat on the couch with Skye on in arms, her little hand gripping Elijah's finger.  Thea is on the other couch, holding Jade.  "Oh, hey, Awsten, welcome home, I'm stealing your child."

"Gimme my baby," Awsten replies with a little pout, stopping to kiss Thea and then lean down to give Jade a kiss on the forehead.  He goes over to Sam and Elijah and gets Skye, giving a little smile.  "Hello," he coos playfully, "have you had a good day?  Huh, angel?  Is uncle Elijah stinky?  Yes, he is, oh, yes he is."

"I hate you," Elijah mumbles, rolling his eyes as Sam laughs.

"Very stinky," Awsten adds on with a grin towards Elijah.

"So, how was it?" Thea speaks up, knowing Awsten is probably dying to talk about how car shopping went.

"I got it," he exclaims proudly, "only one of that color on the lot too.  C'mon, I wanna show y'all!"

The group heads outside and Awsten proudly shows off his new car.

"Look, Thea, I got the car seats back there for the twins already," he adds on after listing off all of the cool things about the car.  "I wanna take you guys for a drive later, maybe go get some takeout for dinner?"

"Sounds perfect," Thea responds with a smile, clearly proud of him.

"Okay, Elijah or Sam, either one of you, can you take a picture of us, please?  I wanna send one to my mom," Awsten requests, unable to stop smiling.  Elijah agrees to it and grabs Awsten's phone from his back pocket for him since he can't get it himself while he's holding Skye.

They head inside after that and Sam and Elijah only stay a little while longer before going out to make it on time to a dinner reservation.  After they leave, Awsten and Thea set the twins down for naps and get ready to go pick up some food.  Awsten also stops to send the photo to his mom and set it as his lock-screen and home-screen on his phone.

"What sounds good to you?" Awsten inquires as they strap the twins into their car seats before going around to get in their own spots.

"You can pick," Thea tells him, wanting to keep his day bright.  She loves seeing him so happy.

"You sure?" he inquires as he starts driving.  "Or we can go make two stops if we don't want the same thing?"

"I'm fine with whatever you pick," she reassures him, not really having anything in mind anyway.

"Okay, but let me know if you change your mind."

They drive in a comfortable silence, Awsten keeping one hand on the wheel and holding Thea's hand with his other one.  The twins sleep through the whole drive and only wake up a little while after they get home.  Awsten and Thea balance between giving them attention and eating before finally relaxing with them after finishing their food.

"Oh, you need a diaper change, don't you?" Awsten mutters, checking Jade's diaper.  "Yep.  Alright, c'mon, little one, we're gonna get you all cleaned up and changed.  Thea, wanna just take them their baths now and get them ready for bed?"

"Yeah," Thea replies after a moment to think it over.  "Skye's real' sleepy anyway."

"Elijah and Sam tire her out?" he guesses as they head over to start getting the two babies ready for bed for the night.

"Jade wouldn't let 'em hold her so they took turns holding Skye all day," she informs him, smiling a little.  "Jade only lets us hold her, anyone else and she'll get fussy."

"Mhm," Awsten hums, recalling Elijah's comments before about winning Jade over.  He's yet to succeed on that front.  Jade is still the most comfortable and least guest with Awsten and Thea.  Skye just likes being held and only gets really fussy when she's not being held.

"What time is your family getting in tomorrow?" Thea brings up, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye but mostly keeping her focus on Skye.

"Like, ten thirty-ish," Awsten informs her, "but there's not really room for all of us with the car seats so I can go pick them up by myself and you can stay with the twins here if you want?  Unless there's another way you wanna get it done?  Take both cars or somethin'."

"No, it's okay, that way is fine," she agrees to it easily, "gives me some extra time to freak out about meeting your family anyway."

"Don't worry, darlin', they'll love you, okay?  Seriously, you're sweet and nice and such a good mom to the twins and you're good to me and that's all that'll matter to them," he tells her as they carry on getting the twins ready for bed, heading to their room once they're done and laying the sleepy twins in their bassinets.  "You have nothing to worry about."

"I love you," she tells him as he wraps his arms around her and she returns the gesture.

"I love you too," he says quietly, pulling back from the hug to kiss her after he says it.  "Let's get some rest, okay?  It'll be okay, you don't gotta be scared of my family.  They're nice, I promise.  I don't like saying this 'cause it sounds cliche but it's true here so I'm gonna say it.  Everything will be okay."


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