boy toy

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The next day Jimin woke up around Namjoons arms. The soft melody of his radio beeming through the bedroom as the volume exactly at 11.5, He had been asleep on his chest all night long after they had sex and it was amazing. He felt like he just married Namjoon; only he didn't. His crazy teen mind was running around.

His crazy teen mind also got cut off when he heard his dad knock on the door; the old man calling for his sun to open the door. Jimin squeaked. "J-just a second dad!"

Jimin quickly got off bed; uncaring if he woke Namjoon up and pulled the blanket over the elders figure. He ran to the door as his dad had an eyebrow raised. He peeped in and chuckled. "Me and your mama are goin' out for the whole day. There's 30 on the counter."

Jimin nodded, face flushed red as he heard Namjoon stirr on his bed. His dad smirked. "You can keep ya boy toy here too."

Jimins heart sank, "O-okay, daddy." He said weakly, heart on the floor as he stared up at his dad. "Don't let him hurt you like yesterday or this time he gettin' the woopin', here me?"

"Yes, papa.." Jimin said softly, he got on his tippy-toes and kissed his dads cheek as he shut the door. He looked behind him and saw Namjoon; face red. "Oh, Namjoon!" Jimin squeaked. "Be happy my papa ain't strict!"

Namjoon coughed, blushing. "s-sorry. It's just- I tend to be a light sleeper."

Jimin scoffed, playfully as he walked torwards the queen bed. He got on top of it as he still wore his night gown. "when ya slip that on? I'm sure you fell asleep naked."

"Well, if you need to know, I have a bladder. Which fills up when I drink water. I had to go pee but i'd rather not roam to the bathroom ass naked while there's semen dripping out of me."

Namjoon blushed. "Yeah." He said softly; cuddling Jimin closer and putting his nose to Jimins temple. "How bout' we nap some more? Swear if we don't I don't think I can control myself with that sexy bod." He groaned softly, roaming his veiny hand on Jimins waist and hips, and his ass. Jimin turned to him with a lip bite. "Here's this-"

"We got all day, my parents won't be home. If ya let me sleep for now i'll let you fuck me upside down on the couch if that's what you're into."

"Sounds about good." Namjoon smirked, cupping Jimins cheeks with one hand and kissing his lips.


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