Chapter 2 -Thank you...-

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Startled from the loud noise, I grabbed onto Canada's shirt. He seemed surprised but slowly he hugged me comfortingly. "Calm down Britain it's just a kid!" The tall one said. "I can see that, but why are you guys with a human?" "Dad they're lost, they don't even know their own name!" Canada said, rubbing my back to calm me down as I started to shiver. I hate loud noises. I felt safer with Canada. "Well what do we do with them now? They know we exist." "They probably don't even know what countries are Dad." The one with the sunglasses said, stepping in front of his brother. I assume they're brothers since the both called Britain 'Dad'. After a moment of silence Canada spoke up. "Can you just please let us take them in just this once?"

I could feel a small amount of tension in the air as the others registered what Canada said. "No-" "Can we Dad? They're just a kid." 'Meri' whined. "Where else would they go?" The white and red one pointed out. "We have to consult the UN-" "But Germany he'll probably say no!" "He's going to find out eventually." They all thought for a second before the tallest spoke up. "If we can't convince UN to keep them then they'll live with me." "Russia he'll find out either way-" "My house is bigger that all of yours, they'll be fine there." Russia said, shutting up everyone else. "Well I guess it's settled, we'll try to convince UN to keep them." Britain said reluctantly. I, of course, had no idea what they were talking about and was absolutely terrified. I also guess Canada noticed. "Hey, Hey, it's okay. You're safe." He said to me, calming me down. Britain seemed surprised for some reason.

"Oh we forgot to tell them who we are." Meri said. "Oh right! I'm Canada, that's America, Britain, Russia, Germany, and Poland." Canada said, pointing to each of them respectively. I gave a small nod. "Well the UN building isn't far, we can walk." Poland said, looking at his phone. I let out a small yawn as I held onto Canada, having seven panic attacks all day would do that to you. How long have I been out here anyway? Russia walked over and squatted down so he was eye level with me. "Are you tired?" He said, gently grabbing my hand. I looked over and slowly nodded, hesitant to move away from Canada. They all might know each other but Canada is the only one I really trust. He slowly pulled me away from Canada and lifted me off the ground with ease. I was a bit scared but if he was willing to let me stay at his home then I guess I could trust him just a bit. At least they won't eat me. I leaned my head against his shoulder still calming down from that whole fiasco. "Welp, lets go!" America said energetically. As they talked and made their way over to the UN building or whatever they called it I slowly drifted off. I think Russia noticed since my grip on his shirt loosened slightly. Before I fell asleep I felt him put something over my head. It was warm and fluffy so I guess it was his weird hat. I slowly fell asleep, hoping that I would be able to survive with these people.

I liked them.


"Hey... Hey wake up we're here." I slowly opened my eyes to see Russia shaking me gently. He took his hat off of my head and put it back on. I looked over and my eyes widened we were standing in front of a gigantic building. There were people just like Russia and the others walking in and out and talking to each other. What is this place? It looks terrifying! Russia put me down. "Stay behind me." I listen to him, still holding his hand. As we started to walk into the building America and Canada stood next to me and Poland walked behind me. Probably to hid me from others. Britain and Germany were walking a bit further in front of us. I could see some people staring at the group, probably because they were walking in together in such a weird way.

We finally reached a large door. The sign next to it said 'Meeting room 12'. As all of us stepped inside I saw three people. The tallest one had a light blue face with a weird symbol on it, he also had a halo and large wings. The next had a darker blue face and a circle of stars. He also had a halo and wings but his halo had small stars floating around it and his wings were slightly smaller. The last had a blue flag with another symbol on it. His halo was a glowing wreath and his wings were the same size as the star man's but golden. They looked amazing. I stared from behind Russia in awe but hid once Britain cleared his throat. "Ah, hello there. Why are all of you here? You could've made an appointment in my office." The tall one said. "Well UN, it couldn't exactly wait." UN raised a brow. "What do you mean Britain?"

I could see everyone around me was nervous.

"Well... um... we found something, er, someone."
"A new country?"
"No.... we found a kid."


"As in... a human child?"
Britain nodded nervously. "And where are they?" "Well..." He said, looking over at Russia. "You mean-" UN said as he raised a brow. Russ sighed and stepped aside slightly, letting the three in front of us notice that I was there. They all looked at me in surprise as I quietly shuffled closer to Russia, getting more nervous by the second. After a moment the star man walked over and kneeled down to my level. "Hello there, I'm EU. What's your name?" He said, his voice sounded gentle. Canada butted in. "They don't know, apparently they just woke up in the woods with amnesia."

UN turned to me and sighed. "So you don't know anything about yourself?" I shook my head, looking down. "They also have some small scratches and bruises on their arms." Canada pointed out. "I'll get something for that." The other person next to UN said, walking out of the room. "Can we keep them UN? Please????" America said as the other winged man returned with a small box. "What if their parents are looking for them?" "Good point ASEAN, we have to look for their parents first." I stepped closer to Russia who looked down at me, confused. "What is it? Do you remember your parents." "N-no, but... I don't know..." I said quietly, seeing everyone in the room glance at each other. "Well, we'll have to find them anyways. They're probably worried sick right now." ASEAN said walking over to me. "They can stay with us in the meantime." UN said hesitantly. "They don't have anywhere else to go and I don't want to just throw them out." I saw America and Canada high five next to me. "You get to stay!" America cheered, making me laugh a little. I could see Russia smiling slightly. "Hold on, before you celebrate we have to consider what the rest of the countries will think." America's expression dropped. "Oh wait you're right." "What will we do?" Poland ask.

"Well, that depends."

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