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"As serious as a heart attack" he spoke with a firm smile.

I refrained from rolling my eyes, watching my mom crawl back into bed.

"Want to just stay the night here?" Calum spoke to both Ashton and I.

"No, I woke up Luke yelling that something was wrong with you, he's probably tripping, I'm gonna go home and handle him, thanks though" Ashton smiled.

"Thank you for coming" I smiled

"There's not many OBGYN's that make house calls like that" he laughed out

"I'm so lucky"

You staying with us tonight?" Calum asked, making me nod slightly- a little worried to go home now

I didn't want to experience anything like that alone again.

He walked me to my old room, helping me under the covers

"I'm so huge" I mumbled out, seeing his eyes roll

"You're still actually small- you're carrying in your back so much, it's probably good that you're on bed rest before you start getting the sciatic nerve pain" he spoke, making me groan lightly

"There's more pain coming?" I asked, almost astonished

I thought I was done with the worst parts

"It's nothing you can't handle."

I whined out, rubbing where the baby's head is.

"You know she can hear and recognize voices now" he spoke happily.

"I read that online" I mumbled as he fell into bed beside me, his face at my bump.

"When your mom was pregnant with Brantley I'd lay beside her and making farting noises with my mouth and he'd kick me in the face" he laughed out.

I laughed lightly, watching Calum as he just stared to the bump- as if waiting

He talked about Brantley and you could just tell how much love Calum had for him

"I wish you were my real dad" I almost whispered

His eyes met mine

"I wish I could've had a bond with you and Macey in your moms womb, I wish I could've felt you both kick, I wish I could've woke up every night and struggled to change and feed two babies" he laughed out, making me laugh with him.

"I wish I could've stopped your sister-" "there was too much damage before you cal" I whispered.

"She was never disciplined, I was always the one disciplined- even when you came into the picture, no matter how hard you tried- you wouldn't have been able to change any of this" I spoke slowly.

"I wish I could've been your dad" he mumbled out

"I always wanted a daughter that would grow up and still be my babygirl" he whispered

I took his hand into my own

"I consider you my dad"

"I consider you my babygirl"

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