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two weeks later

I woke up to the feeling of the baby moving- this wasn't an odd feeling, I just rolled over and tried going back to sleep

But she continued to move

I gave her a few minutes- but it almost started hurting, which made me quickly sit up.

I quickly Googled what was happening- which probably wasn't the best idea as soon as I read

Fetal distress

I panicked

I immediately began crying, I didn't even put shoes on, I ran to my car, driving to Calum house, crying as I unlocked the door and ran inside.

"Calum something's wrong" I cried out- barging into his and my moms room- waking them both up, I'm sure scaring the hell out of them.

"I think the baby is in distress or something- she won't stop moving and it hurts" I cried out.

"Call Ashton" I heard Calum say to my mom as he threw the covers back, running to me.

"Are you bleeding, anything?" He spoke- tiredness visible but yet he was wide awake.

"No- it's just in my stomach" I cried out, feeling his hands test on my stomach- which was still moving and getting kicked around.

Within seconds I heard Ashton running up the stairs.

He dropped what I assumed was a medical bag at the door, coming to me, placing a hand on my stomach.

"The baby isn't in distress, you'd be hemorrhaging if she was, I think I know exactly  what she's doing" she spoke.

He almost roughly rubbed my stomach- making me baby move more and more- kicking my ribs repeatedly.

And suddenly it all stopped, making Ashton smile.

"Feel your tummy, notice anything different?" He smiled.

I ran my hands around my tummy, immediately going to where her feet normally kick- feeling something different.

"Is that her head?" I questioned, no longer crying.

"Yeah, she's moved into her delivery position" Ashton laughed making Calum quickly run his hands across my stomach.

"Jesus Christ Casey- you scared the shit out of me" my mom spoke, holding her chest as she stood by the door.

"I thought she was dying" I spoke.

"I'm sorry I woke you guys" I finished.

"Don't apologized- we want you to wake us in moments like that, we understand how that was scary" Ashton spoke, Calum nodding in agreement.

"Did you walk here?" Calum asked.

"No I drove"

"I do have one concern" Ashton mumbled.

I looked to him quickly.

"She isn't supposed to be in this position already- she's supposed to move to this in about three weeks which means she's getting ready to come out a little too early- I think you're going on bed rest until delivery from this point on." He spoke.

"Are you serious"

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