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trigger warning: this chapter contains violence in the form of mentions of blood, death by car crash, and scenes in a hospital. it also contains behaviors of grief and fainting.

"i am such a fucking dumbass."

jimin scoffed in reply, filing his nails as he sat on the younger's bed. jeongguk had said that exact sentence at least fifteen times in the past hour.

"how many times am i going to have to hear you say that?" jimin whined. he was already upset with the day, having to take down his collection of agust d merchandise that spread across his side of the room was quite disheartening.

"i can't believe i forgot to ask for his number. i am such a fucking dumbass." jeongguk repeated. he slammed his head onto the pillow in his lap and screamed as loud as he could.

with a sharp inhale, jimin weakly rubbed the younger's back as an attempt to comfort him. "you were drunk, koo. it's not your fault."

"we were both drunk," he replied through the pillow, "and now i'll never see him again." he lifted his head and reached for the shoe on the floor. he clutched it tightly.

"he lives around here, right? it's not like this is a giant city. you'll probably see him again." jimin wasn't really motivated to argue.

"and if i don't?"
"twitter will find him, you got lots of followers."
jeongguk pursed his lips, holding in another scream. he tossed the shoe held tightly in his hand across the bed. unfortunately the shoe bounced against the window, causing it to shatter.

"FUCK." jimin shrieked, jumping off the bed. shards of glass flew in all directions, some managing to slice the older's arms despite the distance.

"what the hell was that for, huh?" he yelled as he clutched onto his injured arms. hissing in pain, the older dropped to his knees.
the horrified jeongguk fell beside him and examined the damage. there were scratches all around his arms, the worst being on the forearms.

"oh my god, jimin. i'm sorry." he breathed. standing up, jeongguk took off to the bathroom for a towel. he wrapped it around the older and held it tightly.
"jeongguk, i'm okay. don't—don't worry." jimin said in protest. his breathing was slowed, and his eyes were glossed over. he looked like he could fall unconscious at any moment.

"hyung, can you see me? how many fingers am i holding up?" he pleaded. he held up three fingers in attempt to keep jimin focused. the older only glanced at his hand before his eyes rolled to the back of his head. he slumped over the younger's shoulder, the previously white towel now a deep red.

"fuck, shit. this can't be happening." jeongguk repeated as he slipped his phone from
his pocket. hands trembling, he dialed for an ambulance. after two rings, a female operator picked up.
"911, what's your emergency?"

"i need an ambulance as soon as possible, please." jeongguk said to the phone, "glass shattered, my friend is bleeding. i think he—shit. please hurry, please." he was hyperventilating. if he didn't calm down soon he would faint as well.

"okay, i've got your location. try to stay calm and breathe. is the patient conscious?" the operators voice was soothing. jeongguk took a deep breath in attempt to get his thoughts together before replying.
"no, ma'am. he's breathing but he's unconscious on my shoulder."

he ran his fingers through the unconscious boy's hair as he glanced at the bloody shards of glass around him. he couldn't believe the situation he so stupidly had caused. how could a small piece of glass do damage like this?

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