Sex Hotel

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      Being fourteen and able to drive I was able to drive back and forth to school. So after my first day of school I decided to go to the gas station and get me one of those sixty nine cent drinks and some chips. As I was walking in on my phone I bumped into the back of someone .
"Oh shit my bad I ...." it was him again.
"Remi so we meet again" he said in his semi deep voice.
"Do I know you"? I said acting as though I didn't know who he was maybe he would leave me alone.
        "You know you remember me wassup ma" he said smiling.
"Nothing just trying to get a soda and some chips if you would move out my way".
"Feisty ass I like that when you going to give me your number and stop playing"?
"You want my number"? I said crossing my arms.
"Yea I want your number ma". Remi sigh "if me giving you my number would make you leave me alone fine".
       He gave me his phone and I placed my number in it and then he reached in his pocket. He handed me a hundred dollar bill. "Buy whatever you want and put some gas in your car maybe when you know me better enough you can come pull up on me in that nice ass Mercedes".
So he saw me pull up is what he was getting at . Now the nigga knew what type of car I drove, my name and my number at least he wasn't ugly that was the only thing saving him at the moment, but did he forget I said I was fourteen?

     "Woah where you going"? I asked Reggie . The boy was in some basketball short and a hoodie . He was literally running down the stairs.
"Pop I .... I ...."
"He's going to get some buns pop" Rj said.
I chuckled "you fucking that girl Reggie"? He sigh and said "just once".
        I couldn't stop my sons from fucking all I could do was make sure they wore condoms.
"You wearing condoms like I told you"? I asked.
"Yea pop, but after tonight it's the last time I feel bad doing this behind Kimber back".
Rj spoke before me "Man you haven't even hear from Kimber since we moved she's probably fucking new dick just like you fucking new pussy".
       I turned to Rj "curse jar two dollars". Rj got up and left the kitchen to get his money as I focused back on Reggie.
"Reggie you're a smart kid and I know you'll make the right decision, but your brother is right. You're here in DC and your girl is in Atl maybe a long distance relationship is something the two of you aren't ready for. This new girl what do you like about her"?
        "Man pop...." his face lights up "she's a freak I mean freak the sex is so good and the head is even better. She about shit and stands for everything she cares about. Kimber is different so different".
"Do you see yourself with this girl...."
"Angel... and I don't know right now the attraction is physical I mean she's beautiful, but I haven't gotten in her mind".
"Well you keep holding on to Kimber until you decide if you see something with Angel. You don't wanna lose someone you have over a temporary feeling for someone else because believe me. If it's only sexual you'll get tired of it soon".
"You right pop I'll keep that in mind". He said before leaving .

        Later on that night as I was in the bathroom I decided to afterwards go downstairs and steal me a slice of leftover apple pie. As I walked out of me and Ro bedroom I had to pass the kids room.
       Coming up by Reggie's room I heard light knocks on the wall and squeaking. This damn boy was having sex in my house. I walked to the door and cracked it open . There he was on the bed on his back while whoever the young lady was, was riding him. He had his hands over her mouth I guess to hide the moans that she was making through his hands and he had his tv on low to also drown out the sound but it wasn't working good enough .
        I closed the bedroom door and heard "ima kill him in the morning" I turned around and on my back was Ro she had snuck up behind me without me knowing.
"No you won't you need to relax".
Next thing we know Rj door opens and him and a young lady walk out causing Ro to say "I know we not running no fucking sex hotel here". Just then we heard a few movements coming from within Reggie's room and Ro yelled out "oh son it's to late you better walk that young lady back home . You too Rj and we'll talk about this in the morning Cre let's go".

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