The Holy sword Project

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You woke up in the morning, the light from your window hitting your eye's. You went to go wipe your eye's, the crust falling out. You looked at the clock and saw it was about time the ORC would be meeting up.


You quickly got up and put on some clothes. You then opened up a portal and teleported to the club room. You fell to the ground on all fours and looked at Asia, Rias, Issei, and koenko. They all looked at you with confusion.


Rias just looked at you.

Rias "Oh, my brother told me that you might be exhausted after yesterday. Apparently that kind of thing takes a lot out of the person who gets appointed the leader of a house."

Issei "Wait! You got your own house!!!"

Yeah? What about it?

Issei sunk to the floor with disappointment at that. Then, you noticed that everyone wasn't in the room.

Hey, where's Kiba?

Issei stood up and looked around.

Issei "Yeah, now that I really look he's not here."

Koneko "Somebody decided to take the whole day off, must be nice."

You got up and walked over to the couch Koneko was on and sat next to her. 

Rias "Issei, remember what i told you last night about the holy sword project?"

Hold on.

Everyone faced you.

The holy sword project? Wasn't that the project the church did in order to try and artificially create people who would be able to use holy swords?

Rias "Indeed, you see Kiba barely survived."

You felt a bit of sympathy go out for the guy. He was part of something so horrible. Rias explained the basics of what happened to Issei and Asia, not getting into any of the complexity that came with it. Simply that one child escaped, and she helped. Issei from then put the pieces together. The door opened and you saw Akeno enter.

Akeno "Good, looks like everyone is here."

Sup Akeno.

Rias "Akeno, why are you so late?"

Akeno "Well, I had some guests and I was helping them get here."

You saw Sona and her queen, Tsubaki, walking into the room.

Sona "Thank you for having us."

She turned her attention to you.

Sona "Y/n, congratulations."

You were confused slightly as her face showed no emotion in it whatsoever. 

What for?

Sona "Well, we heard that you had recently gotten your own house. I must say, it's caused quite a disturbance in the underworld. But It now seems your on par with even Sizechs himself."

Indeed, and thank you.

She turned back to face Rias.

Sona "Rias, would you mind accompanying me to my house. There's something I need to talk to you about. Trust me, this isn't something you're going to want to discuss in front of a lot of people."

Rias looked at her with a serious face.

Rias "You make it sound like a complicated issue."

Sona still held her emotionless face.

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