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Malia yawned and collapsed on the couch.
"C'mon sleepyhead." I urged. "Time to greet the day."
She grumbled something that sounded like "so early".
Jack cheerfully bounced into the room, already dressed in his standard white t shirt and jeans. "Hi Alora! Hi Malia! Let's play! What are we going to do today? I wanna go swimming! Or maybe play cards! We can pick apples! We can..."
"Slow down." I reminded him.
I turned to Liam. "Did you leave the soda lying around?"
He shrugged. "Nah. I think Jack's just like that."
I stared accusingly.
"Ok." He admitted. "I always forget."
Sky ran in the back door, panting, Diego not far behind her.
"Morning, Alora. Oh, Hey Liam. I just went for a run. I outran six dogs, and ice cream truck, and the kid on his skateboard who races dogs and ice cream trucks. And," she added, proudly pulling out a package "I picked up snow cones!"
"Sweet!" Jack and Liam slapped high fives.
Sky handed out the snow cones.
"For a while, it seemed like that ice cream truck was never going to stop." Diego joked.
"Just don't have too much." Jade warned. "Or you'll never be able to sleep."
"Sleep is for losers!" Was Jack's reply.
A few minutes later, Jack's lips were stained blue, and he was super hyper. Well, more super hyper.
I love the Outcasts. I'm the leader, at seventeen years old, Liam is the second in command, at seventeen as well, Kai is third oldest, at 13, Malia is the fourth oldest, at 11, and Sky isn't far behind at nine years old. And of course the youngest, and most unpredictable, Jack. I've known them all for practically their whole lives, and in Kai's case, since he was a baby. Since Jade left, and had murdered Diego, the former oldest, I had to take care of them. Sure, Liam could do it. But I had more leader-y qualities that he lacked. But he still helps. A little. Ok, a lot.
But today, we weren't running from the FWA (Female Warriors Association), or in danger. (Currently.) Sure, things could happen. They always could. But now, I was going to sit down, relax, and enjoy my snow cone.

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