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mackenzie collapsed on the ground after another long and grueling rehearsal, breathing hard and staring up at the ceiling. her heartbeat threatened to beat it's way out of her chest and she thought her cheeks might just catch on fire considering how hot they were– but it was a good feeling. her whole body ached but adrenaline was coursing through her veins, making that pain more easy to deal with.

a month had passed since maddie had recruited her to dance at the school talent show, and maddie was pulling out all the stops. she'd taken it on herself to personally choreograph a dance for mackenzie to the song song called someone you loved by lewis capaldi.

mackenzie was lucky, as it was a beautiful dance, and her ankle had healed fast enough for her to be able to complete all the leaps and the turns. maddie had been rehearsing her like crazy; as soon as cheer was finished after school it was straight to the dance studio where she would first practice technique and then the dance. mackenzie knew the dance so well she could play it in her head like a movie, and when she closed her eyes to sleep at night all she could hear was capaldi's strong vocals and delicate piano.

she partly had her sister to thank in terms of helping her feel better about the johnny-hayden-nudes situation. all she could think about was this goddamn dance, and she was focusing all her energy into it. truth was, she was enjoying the dancing life again. working her body so hard meant that she was seeing positive results, and in turn this helped her to feel better about herself. spending so much time with maddie had meant their relationship had become so much stronger, and she'd be forever grateful for that, because being able to talk through all her problems with someone who was guaranteed to give her good advice made her feel valued and respected. she was learning, slowly but surely, how to be happy on her own, and how actual relationships functioned well. johnny was still a thought in her mind, and she knew when she was ready, that door could be opened again.

maddie clapped from her position in the corner of the room and stopped the stereo from replaying the song. she headed over to kenzie, and offered her a hand. kenzie took it and let maddie heave her up to stand. still panting, kenzie swiped her water bottle off the ground and took a few gulps.

"god, that was beautiful." maddie complimented her, referring to the dance.

"thanks. you choreographed it though." kenzie reminded her sister, breathing in and out as best she could.

"yeah, but you performed it. i could have never done it with that much emotion. seriously, kenz."

kenzie blushed at this. "i guess i can relate to the lyrics."

maddie smiled. "it's why i picked the song."

kenzie sat down on a bench in the corner of the room, drinking her water and thinking. "do you– do you think johnny will be in the audience?"

"i couldn't tell you. do you want him to be?" maddie sat down next to her on the bench, tilting her head so she could look at her properly.

kenzies stomach filled with butterflies at the mere thought of seeing him again. "i want him to be proud of me." she said quietly.

maddies facial expression softened. "do you maybe think you're ready, though? to see him?"

mackenzie nodded slowly, cheeks reddening.

"that's my girl." maddies face broke out into a huge grin, and she wrapped her arms around her sister and squeezed her tight. kenzie protested, yelling and squealing, but maddie only squeezed harder. they eventually giggled, and kept on giggling, as they broke away from their embrace.

"hey." maddie said seriously, staring into her sisters eyes and patting her cheeks playfully. "it doesn't matter what he thinks about the dance. because i'm proud of you. so proud."

"stop ittt." mackenzie smiled, hiding her face in her hands.

"i'm serious." maddie laughed. " i am proud. and i love you, baby sis."

"i guess i love you too." mackenzie said, smiling properly for the first time in a long time.


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