Chapter One: Alaska's POV

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My mother had said they would come

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My mother had said they would come. She'd warned me that they would come for me. For an unacceptable.
I'd never thought about being unacceptable, since my mother had had two very acceptable children.
Camaro was the picture of a perfect child, with his brown hair, generic brown eyes, and pale skin. He was not much of anything, which is what made him the perfect image of the Yaska ideal race.
London too, with her dull brown hair and flat brown eyes.
Not me.
I was the imperfect child.
I still remember the ceremony, with my mandatory grey tunic, my red, curly, unruly hair hanging halfway down my back, waiting for Queen Patricia to pass me, anticipating her choice.
I remember the curious look of princess Reyna Svetlova, and the way I glared at her.
I still remembered the disdainful way Patricia looked over me, how her cold blue eyes had stared at my emerald green ones, boring their way into my soul. She'd taken one look at my rumpled tunic and unwashed complexion, then had barely paused before the words left her mouth. Unacceptable. That's what I was.
After Queen Patricia had decided who was useful and who wasn't, I ran to my mother, burying my small, tearstained face in her comforting embrace. My sister, London, was crying too, her mascara smearing as hot tears created a river down her face.
We'd gone home in our small convertible, and it was a silent drive, filled with sorrow. I felt like it was all a dream, that any second I would wake up from this horrible nightmare, but deep down, I knew I wouldn't. This was reality.
This was my life.
We'd told my older brother, Camaro, the news, and the mood at dinner was grave. We tried to go back to normal life, and we did, but not entirely.
My parents shuddered whenever the doorbell rang, Camaro acted like my bodyguard, and you hardly saw London when she wasn't on the verge of tears.
This was a few weeks ago. Now, we heard the doorbell ring, a man in the Yaska camo guard uniform, at the door. My mother's hands trembled with fear as she opened the door. They would find me if I hid. There was no point in resisting.
"Hello, Ms. Sarasuda. I am Officer Kowalski of the Yaska guard. We have come to collect your daughter, Alaska." He said, showing off his badge.
"Of course officer." My mother choked on tears but beckoned to me. "This is her. Alaska."
He grabbed me by the arm, and his strong grip stung, his nails digging into my skin. He was about to pull me away, when my mother cried out.
"Wait! Just... let me fetch Camaro and London. Please. They need to say goodbye." She ran off to find my siblings, and Officer Kowalski scoffed but didn't move.
A few moments later, Mother returned with Camaro, London, and my father.
London was the first to hug me, tears spilling down her cheeks. "I hate goodbyes." She whispered, and then did something that surprised me. She took off her diamond earrings, right then and there, and then put them in my ears. They were the ones made of real diamond, the ones my Grandma, the old queen had purchased. After she'd died, Patricia had taken over. And then the ceremony had started, a new dark age. The Yaska guard had tried to confiscate them, but London had said they were a family heirloom - a royal heirloom."To remember me by. See you later, alligator."
"After a while, crocodile." I said, smiling weakly.
Then, Camaro lifted me onto his shoulders and handed me a folded slip of paper. "Open it when you have the chance." He said.
My mother and father were the last to say goodbye, and my mother pressed a crescent moon necklace into my hand. "I love you to the moon and back." She whispered.
Then, Officer Kowalski sneered and yanked my hand away.
I barely had time to look back at my family before Officer Kowalski stuffed me into a car and turned the gear. And in a matter of seconds, we were off. Off to the unknown.
Off to a fate that I had no control over.

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