Fight for what I want papi

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It took ya boy no problem getting on the basketball team and my new teammates fuck with ya boy. Shit I guess cause I was the best thing they now had . Coach was loving me too I didn't even have to tryout he watched a few tapes I sent and immediately added me to the team.
For the first practice he wanted me to sit and watch how he ran practice . Totally different from my old coach, but it was shit easy enough for me to pick up on .
As I watched them run drills I heard the door open and close behind me on the bleachers. I looked behind me and saw a group of girls making their way down the steps . The very first girl caught my eyes as she walked and talked with the other girls she came in with.
Our eyes met and she pointed as she did that a few other girls look my way and giggled. They came and saw behind me paying attention to the drills and shit I felt a tap on my shoulder .
Turning around our eyes met and she said "your the new kid I've been hearing about today"?
I reached my hands out and said "yea I'm Rj" she hesitated at first but shook my hand and said "I'm Valencia head cheerleader".

 "Nice to meet you gorgeous" she started blushing until another girl replied

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"Nice to meet you gorgeous" she started blushing until another girl replied . "Vee you better stop flirting you know how Zay gets".
The girl nods her head and as soon as I turn around I hear. "Sorry bruh my girl and her birds bothering you".
Before I could respond Valencia says "Zay my friends aren't birds and nobody is bothering nobody I'm just introducing myself".
Damn shawty had a nigga who was on the team with me. I didn't want to start no drama on the first day especially not with a teammate so I replied . "It's cool bruh she was bothering me, but aye you think coach a let me in now"?
"Yea I don't see why not" he said turning around as I stood up . Walking down the bleacher I turned again and gave Valencia a wink and she cracked a smile. Let me get adjusted and shit, and I'll fuck her, her nigga my new teammate don't even have to know.

"Girl that's some serious hoe shit but you probably don't even care" my cousin Donna said.
"I don't care Reggie fine as hell girl I just had to show him what that mouth do".
"In class though girl you couldn't wait..."
"No he was just looking so fine and shit. If he didn't want it to happen he could've stopped me".
"He's a nigga what nigga you know going to turn down head especially when they don't see it coming".
I was scrolling down his Facebook and the boy had a whole girlfriend. Can't get mad because he wasn't my nigga... yet.
"He has a girlfriend or should I say had".
"What you mean had"?
"Oh sis Reggie is mine okurrrr" I said sounding like Cardi B.
"Yea okay you really think that boy is going to leave his girlfriend for a bisexual like you"?
"Yea I do and then she can be our side bitch".
"Girl you crazy" Donna said laughing.
"Yea crazy ...but he just texted me asking me to FT see what good head will do. Maybe you could get with the brother"?
Donna quickly shut that down "girl please light skins aren't my type plus he was all in Valencia's face today at practice".
"You mean Zay girlfriend Valencia"?
"Yep I guess she's trying to find someone to cheat on him with since he cheated on her so many times with so many girls that you should know all to well".
I sucked my teeth "whatever girl I gotta go get sexy for my FaceTime call see you tomorrow".
I got up and walked out my bedroom door just as my momma was passing with a bottle of liquor in her hands nothing new . My moms was a alcoholic the only reason we was living this good was because of her inheritance she got when her dad died. My grandfather was worth two point two million dollars.
The women didn't care what I do as long as I didn't get in the way of her drinking and her wild nights with men.
"Shouldn't you be asleep"? She said to me.
"Not tired plus it's the weekend there's no school". She opened the bottle and took a sip "well I'm going to my bedroom don't bother me for shit unless it's a emergency".
She just hadn't been right since my dad died over in Iraq and that was like seven years ago.
After freshening myself up I called Reggie on FaceTime.


"Damn you called a nigga soon as I hopped out the shower". I said laughing.
"Oh my bad you look good though" I licked my lips "thanks beautiful you too".
She smiled and then got quiet it was something on her mind.
"Wassup what's on your mind" I said leaving the bathroom.
"What I did today I would've done if I known you had a girlfriend". She how the fuck she found out about Kimber .
"I mean yea I got a girl, but you didn't know so don't feel bad that my fault I should've stopped you".
She grinned "would you really Reggie"?
Lying straight through my teeth I said "yea I would've".
She replied unzipping her jacket a little making me notice that she wasn't wearing no bra. "Your girlfriend won't be your girl for to long".
Damn she said that shit with confidence "woah Wait what you saying"?
With no hesitation she replied "You fine as fuck and when I see something I want I go after it and you Reggie I want. In every way possible, so that little girlfriend of yours better be ready to fight cause I'm not going down without one".
This shit was low key attractive to me it made me smile "oh that's how you coming..."?
"How about you come over and find out how I cum".
Damn this girl wasn't playing at all this was just the third day and she was basically throwing the pussy at me should I catch it?

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