17. Starry Nights

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I grabbed my gym bag and headed out, ready for my walk home, feeling extremely disheartened with how Luke and I had left the situation.

We stood holding each other tightly for what felt like hours, when in reality it had only been a few moments. He pulled away from my embrace, a tired and apologetic look on his face as he headed to the locker room, leaving me stood alone.

Despite feeling rather foolish for trying to act on my emotions, emotions that I had felt for such a short period of time, I was proud of myself. I had managed to build up the courage to express how I felt, despite the fact that I did not receive the outcome that I had wanted.

Once I had arrived at my apartment, I changed into my pyjamas and sat on the couch flicking mindlessly through the movies on Netflix, cursing at the amount of time it was taking me to find a movie that took my interest.

I was disappointed that Ollie was spending the night at Georgia's as I needed someone to vent to, to get everything off my chest, however I made no effort to call him as I did not want to intrude on their time together.

Once I had finally settled on a random movie, my phone rang from across the room. Sighing, I stood up from my comfortable position on the couch. My heartbeat quickened as Luke's name and a rather cute photo he had took on my phone one time flashed up on my screen.

"Hello?" I answered, trying my best to stop my voice from sounding shaky and nervous.

"Hey Sky, are you busy?" He asked.

"Uhm no, no just watching a movie. What's up?" I sat back down on the couch, crossing my legs and biting my lip nervously. Everything running through my mind, trying to figure out what he wanted.

"Would you wanna maybe do something? We can consider it as a first date." He laughed lightly. A smile grew on my face as I thought about Luke and I going on a date.

"You do know it's late, nowhere will be open." I sighed, not particularly happy with his timing to try and plan a date.

"Don't worry, there's plenty to do." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

I quickly agreed to the date and decided that he would pick me up in fifteen minutes, and that it would be best to wear comfortable clothes. I quickly changed into my sweats and a T-shirt and waited patiently for Luke to let me know he was outside.

Despite feeling excited, I couldn't help but question what had changed Luke's mind in the space of a few hours. However I was most certainly not objecting to going on a date with Luke.

Once receiving the text from Luke, I gave myself one last quick check in the mirror before leaving the apartment, the butterflies that were in my stomach at the beginning of the night had reappeared.

"Hi." I spoke, a lot more quietly than I had anticipated as I opened the door to Luke's car, however, it wasn't the car I had seen the previous few times we had been together. Instead this time, it was a pickup truck.

"Hey Skylar." He smiled at me as I sat down, clipping in my seatbelt.

"So, what exactly is there to do this late at night?" I asked as we drove off, curious to know what he had planned for the night.

"It's a surprise." He grinned, taking his eyes off the road for a moment to look at me.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at his response. "Is this going to be a cliche date?"

"Of course. What first date isn't?"

We drove for another twenty minutes before we came to a rather steep hill, I watched in amusement as Luke used all his power to ensure that the truck made it up the hill without fail.

"Come on." He got out of the car and headed to the back. Confused as to what we were doing I followed him quickly eager to find out.

I stared in awe at the back of the truck, it was filled with blankets and pillows. I followed Luke's actions as he climbed into the back.

"Here, lie down, then you'll be able to fully understand the point in this." He grinned as he lay down.

I awkwardly lay down next to him, "Look up." He muttered, I looked up to the sky and stared in awe at the many clusters of stars dotted all over the sky.

"Luke," I breathed out in amazement, it was beautiful, "this is insane."

"It's because we're out of the city, it makes the sky clearer." He played a random playlist on my phone as we sat for a while admiring the stars in the sky.

I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to ask the question that had been playing on my mind since the beginning of the night. I decided that if I was to fully be able to enjoy this date, I would need to ask, to put my mind to rest.

"What changed your mind?" I asked quietly, hoping that his answer would be good enough for me to understand.

"I decided that not every relationship was going to be the same as the last. That just because I had one shitty relationship doesn't mean the rest will be." I turned my head to look at him, he looked broken and hurt.

"My last ex, she broke up our four year relationship over text. She cheated on me and belittled me and my feelings. However, I stayed with her. I believed her when she said she would change, that it would be the 'last time' and that she would never hurt me like that again. I was stupid." My heart broke for him as a tear rolled down his cheek. He took no time in quickly wiping it away.

I moved from laying beside him and straddled his waist, he looked up at me, a saddened expression on his face. I lent down and rested my head on his chest, his arms wrapped around me. "You deserve so much more than what she gave you. You should have been cared for, and loved. Not left heartbroken." I spoke softly, not wanting to ruin the peaceful silence.

"I know that now." He replied, his fingers began to run themselves through my hair.

"Give me a chance, Luke." I sat up and stared down at him, still straddled across his waist.

"I can try." He nodded, intertwining my hands with his.

We sat like this for what seemed like hours, talking about everything and anything. Our families, friends, interests and anything else we could think of.

"Can you believe I went to the movies to see twilight six times just because I thought Jacob was cute, I really-"

"Kiss me." He spoke loudly to ensure his voice could be heard over my own.

"Kiss you?" I laughed, wondering why he had asked me to rather than doing it, we had kissed before.

"Yeah." He pulled me down closer to him so that my face was a few inches from his own.

I placed my hands on either side of his face, titling it up slightly so that we were now only a few centimetres apart. I watched as his eyelids fluttered closed, his hands resting on my waist.

I closed the distance between us, my lips connecting with his soft lips. Slow, but passionately, our lips worked in sync with one another. My hand moved from his cheek and placed itself on his chest, I could feel his abs prominent under his shirt. He bit down lightly on my lip, causing me to smile into our kiss.

This wasn't like our previous kisses, this one had meaning, this one was passionate and had feelings behind it. It was some meaningless kiss used to tease one another. I melted into his arms as I pulled away, a grin spread widely on my lips.

"Well, I certainly wish that was our first kiss, I don't know about you." He laughed, causing the vibrations from his chest to shake me slightly.

"Thank you, Luke, for the perfect first date." I grinned, placing a light kiss to his jaw.

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