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If this ain't true💀

Nos let's continue with the story

"Hunter are you ready yet? I'm going to wait outside if you need me!" Yelled my little sister from downstairs. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had on a pair of fitted khaki colored joggers, an oversized black Tshirt that goes to my thighs, and a pair of white-colored ankle-length sneakers. Once satisfied with my outfit for the day, I grabbed my phone and placed them inside my pocket before leaving my room.

Today we were heading to the movies, we all decided to watch Endgame. Because it's a 3 hour movie, we thought then we could maybe get something to eat after, or just hang out somewhere. Once I exited the door of my house, I locked the door right behind me. When I was done, I turned around to meet my sister and Melissa waiting impatiently a few feet away from the house. My sister had a black colored bodycon high waisted midi skirt, a forest green oversized baggy crop top, and a pair of basic white vans. She had her hair up in a messy bun and a pair of golden hoops. Melissa, on the other hand, had on a denim button-up overall, a black crop top, and a pair of basic black vans. She had her hair in two space buns and a pair of silver big hoops. In short, they both were looking amazing.

"Can you stop staring please," my sister said softly. I could already tell she was feeling slightly embarrassed, she doesn't usually go out showing her curves, so it's not every day you see her this beautiful. Which made me feel a little overprotective over her.

"You ain't going out like that," I told her. My tone sounding a bit harsh.

"And why is that?" Melissa asked me, "She looks beautiful, don't you think so?"

"Yeah, she looks gorgeous. Which is why she shouldn't go out like that. You know how many guys that are going to want to get with her," I told them. Mel just looked at me a bit annoyed.

"Listen, Hunter, Tessa can wear whatever she wants. What does it matter the number of stares or attention she gets? You don't decide what she can or cannot wear, only she should hold that power in her life." She retorted I was about to respond back, but she just took Tessa with her hand in hand. I sighed walking behind them a bit annoyed.


Once we arrived at the movie theater, Adrien and Jaden were already waiting for us inside. Jaden and Adrien were sitting on a small table on their phones, as we walked towards them, Jaden glanced towards our direction and then to his phone. Once he realized he saw us, he lightly touched Adrien to grab his attention, once Adrien diverted his eyes away from his phone, Jaden signaled him to look towards our direction making Adrien see we have arrived; a cheerful grin appeared on his face.

"You're late," he told me after he pulled me into a greeting embrace.

"You know what they say, 'everything good comes late'," I said giving him a small smirk. Adrien just chuckled.

"Get a room," Tessa said with a smirk as she rolled her eyes.

"I wish I could be in one right now my beautiful sister in law," Adrien said as he wrapped both of his arms around my waist. "I guess the dark theater will suffice though," he said giving Tessa a wink.

'What the hell is going on?' I thought.

"Interesting, but please tell me I'm not being the fifth wheel", Tessa said with a sigh.

"Fifth wheel?" I asked confused.

"You know," she said glancing at Jaden and Melissa. They were in their own lovey-dovey world to pay attention to us and then glancing back at us. "I'm obviously interrupting a double date."

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