The Beginning Chapter

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On the bank of a pond was 19 year old Evelyn Rubric, playing her guitar as the waves in the pond roll onto the bank. She was trying to write a song for a contest. The winner gets to see Ringo Star and Paul McCartney live, and a VIP pass to go backstage to meet them.

Evelyn was stressing over the song. She wrote multiple others before but she didn't want to enter it, she wanted this one to be different. Evelyn was a really big Beatles fan, and so was the rest of her family.
She would write a lyric or put notes in her notebook and then after a few minutes she would over think it and scribble it out. Finally she gave up. She tore out the page and crumpled it up, took her guitar and stormed to her house. Leaving her paper of notes and lyrics in the sand.

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