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   No Order Whatsoever >.< Too much work to put them in order XD

   >>>>>SPOILERS <<<<<<<<<<<<


       Pentus - Main character - The long-lost Prince of Calarant, in the beginning he had his memories purged from him, and travelled on a quest to gain his memories back to him, whereas he discovers the real mastermind seeking domination over Astrania, the Dark King, Velgar. And meets friends and enemies alike. 


    Tesulan - Pentus's best friend, and bitter rival at times. His skills are just as equal as Pentus's. He can use magic and has inner demons inside him he must conquer. He went on a quest when he was little, to search for his father whom disappeared on training one day. Tesulan believes Lord Desirath is responsible for the death of his father and when he returned to his empty home, his mother was dead, killed by the King's men. 


    Aria -  

    Luran -


  Lord Desirath 

   Lord Eaurander

    Velgar/ Dark King/ Shadow King/ Emperor 

    King Saran - Father of Pentus

    Queen Crystaine - Mother of Pentus

   Madam Inuith - NPC

   Farumer - NPC

    Hetur- NPC

    Elder Elron


  Trallis- NPC

  Browan - Npc~ 


  Minister of Larsol City

  Barlistan, Duke of Bathenian

  Captain Amos

  King Sarkull, Monarch of the Serpents

  Azurhod - Demon in Pentus

  Bezmog - Demon in Tesulan

  Darmon- Dragon belonging to Velgar

  King Orthgar - King of Fargund, and Mengund

  Aredor - Son of Velgar, and Apprentice to him.

   Akranhor - Assassin Lord of the Crimson Blades

   Casper - slightly important

    Darius - slightly important

    Nadene - important ( not as much though) 

    King Galgorbrith - King of the Goblins

   Aeron - traveling mercenary with incredible power. Taught by Saran. And holds a backstory revealed later.

  Flames- Aeron's Phoenix.

    Varlock- Leader of the Black Hand

    Eldira - the Bounty Witch- once member of the Ragashi Clan. 

   Paladias - Paladin / Hero of Astrania

    Antheis - Assassin King - Father of Akranhor and Almar

    Akranhor- Assassin Lord

     Edgar von Sahkrian - Member of Crimson Blades - son of Barlistan

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