Chapter 21

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Author's Note: 4 of my readers have been mentioned in this chapter! Look out and see if you're one of them.

Also this is the longest chapter so far to make up for the short ones I've been posting.

We also hit #7 on the brittana ranking!

Enjoy :)


Friday 15th of January

It was lunch time and Brittany and Santana were sat together. They always sat at a table with the other Cheerios. All the Cheerios were popular on their own but as a group, they ruled the school.

Quinn walked over and took her position at the head of the table. As head cheerleader she got a choice of where she sat.

"Hey Q" Santana greeted.

"Hi Quinnie" Brittany also greeted.

"Hey girls." Quinn replied with a smile. "Are you guys coming to the sleepover tonight?"

"What sleepover?" Santana asked. Genuinely confused.

"Tonight, I'm hosting and all the Cheerios are invited. I did send out a group text." Quinn explained.

"Oh I mustn't have seen it. I'm free tonight so yeah, I'll go. Only if Britt is going too." Santana replied. She looked to Brittany to check if she wanted to attend.

"Yep. I'm down." She replied simply.

"Great. I'll see you around 7 ish." Quinn explained. She went on to tell the girls the plan for that evening and what they needed to bring with them.

It had been a while since they last had a Cheerios sleepover and all the girls were very excited.


"Hello, come in." Quinn greeted as she opened her front door and welcomed in the last two guests; Brittany and Santana.

The girls always liked to turn up fashionably late. They took their time getting ready but often things got a little hot and they got a little carried away. Then they'd get re-dressed and fix their hair and makeup. They were about 45 minutes late. Quinn knew better than to scold them; she had known Santana for years and she had always been late.

The girls took off their shoes and dumped their bags in the hallway. They walked into the main room to find all their fellow cheerleaders. They greeted them all before taking a seat on one of the couches.

"We're just ordering pizza. What kind do you want?" Quinn asked.

"Ham and pineapple!" The girls responded at the same time with enthusiasm. Everyone laughed together at their alikeness.

"Eww that's gross" one of the guests said. "Why would you put pineapple on a pizza?" A few girls agreed it was a little strange.

"1) it's not gross and 2) shut up, you don't have to eat it." Santana shut them down. Brittany smiled at her girlfriend.

"Thanks Quinn. We're happy to share." Brittany told her friend.


After the pizza was ordered, the girls all sat down to watch a film together. They were spread across couches, beanbags and the floor.

They decided to watch 'Endless Love'. Brittany and Santana were cuddled up in the arm chair with a blanket over them. They were focused on the film at first but quickly got bored. They had seen it multiple times. Brittany began to whisper in Santana's ear and she would whisper back. They were talking about anything and everything but we're getting increasing louder.

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