Hello Again

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Oh hello bitches mamas back lmao
Billie's P.O.V:

Fuck. It's been long. Too long. I miss every inch of Brandon. I can't even remember his voice. I still can't get that image of him and another girl out of my head though. It's stuck. Forever.

My life is a huge mess. What does sunlight look like again?

I spend my days in my room, laying on the floor, and staring at my ceiling. Why am I even here?! There's no point if me. I have no purpose anymore.

Bitch depressed is my middle name now. When you take a look at me you'll see why. But advise you don't, you might die.

I'm back to starving my self. Why should I eat anyway. It's stupid.

Yeah Finneas is 'worried' about me you could say. But I don't know why he cares since he did this to me. We all know I'm like this because of him. I just wish he would admit it. Maybe I would feel better, u could finally stop blaming my self. Punishing my self.

*knock knock fucking knock*



Finneas: "breakfast"

Why would he ask? He already knows my answer. Just to make me feel bad huh. I'm always the bad guy.

"No thanks."

Finneas: "of course not

I hear him walk away. FINALLY HASTA LUEGO BITCH. *idk if correct lol*

Finneas: "Y-you know. It would be a lot better if you could just stop being like this and come out of there."

Ahhhh he's back.

"Better? Everything's horrible it can't be fixed. It's safe in here."

He sighed and left.

*tweet tweet fucking tweet*

Oh yeah my phone has been blowing up lately but I never check it...

Omgggggg I hope yall like this book 😭💕

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