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      I walked into my last block class and sat to the table in the back . It was a chemistry class which meant I had to share my space with someone. This school was really laid back not to much shit was going on real different from my old school in Atlanta.
"So you decided to come sit at my table huh" I looked up and saw Angel.
"Oh shit my bad I'll move" I started to get up and she grabbed my shoulder saying "you good plus this the only seat that's available anyway".
       When she told me that I sat back down and waited for class to start.
She sat down next to me and got comfortable it was hard for a nigga not to look.
She turned to me I guess she felt me checking her out and said "so how's your first day going"?
She placed her hands on my legs and then started rubbing in and out slowly.
I tell you no lie that shit was turning a nigga on. I looked down at her hand and she was now moving her hands up my leg. I looked around the class to make sure no one was seeing what was going on. And shit nobody was paying us attention.
"It's straight very laid back" I said as I watched her hands now go back down my leg. This girls touch was making my dick hard. Baby girl was wildin for real .
The teacher came in the class and just started teaching I was happy as fuck because I didn't have to introduce myself, I was doing that shit all day.
Angel moved her hands once the teacher came in but when the nigga turned the lights off for us to take note she slowly placed her hands back.
I glanced over at her and she was writing she was literally multitasking, writing her notes and rubbing on a nigga leg.
Now see today I kept it simple and just wore some gray sweats and a white t shirt . I didn't want to come styling and profiling like my brother Rj did. I'll save that for when the new week starts today was just a Friday .
"What you doing" I whispered as now her hands were moving closer and closer to my dick which by the way was still on hard.
She grinned but didn't say anything next thing I know she's placing her hands in my pants and my boxers . The girl started jacking me off in fucking class.
I couldn't believe the shit right now was I fucking dreaming ? During our note taking the teacher play some video on YouTube that I guess went with the lesson I don't know because right now I was in another world .
Angel then takes her hands off my dick and placed her hair in a ponytail I know this girl wasn't about to do what I think. The teacher was in the front of the class at his desk while the video played . She scooted her chair back some and leaned down in my lap. Angel was now giving me head while in class a girl I met yesterday was now giving me head. As I was enjoying this shit trying not to make to much nosey I looked around the classroom again just to make sure no one was seeing this and shit it was dark as fuck so if I couldn't see them they couldn't see us back here.
The shit felt so good that when I busted the nut she swallowed all of it. Then sat up popped a guy in her mouth and acted as though nothing just happened . I wrote my number down and slid it over to her just as the bell rung.
A nigga couldn't move I was in shock she leaned over and kissed my cheek before saying "shit there more where that came from".
Getting myself together as I watched her leave I just had to text my brother to tell him what happen only fucked up shit was I sent it to the family group chat instead. "Dammit" I said walking out of class.


     So I'm out with my mom and the twins we were going grocery shopping for Sunday dinner and snack and shit but Regan has to pee and momma needed gas in her Tesla so we pulled into a gas station. The gas station was definitely in the hood, but in order to get to Walmart we had to go through the hood. While she took my sisters in to pee I had to pump the gas. Hated pumping gas thank God my daddy taught me the way of letting the gas pump itself . I just stood next to it trying to upload a picture Royal took before we left .

 I just stood next to it trying to upload a picture Royal took before we left

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It's was a little jokey picture nothing to crazy or whatever. All into my phone I heard someone say "you know it's not good to be on your phone while pumping gas.
       I look up and see this brown skin nigga on the other side of the gas pump . He definitely looked older than me but he was fine as shit. He was dressed in champion from head to toe and had the crispiest haircut I've ever seen on a nigga.

"Excuse me" I said to him

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"Excuse me" I said to him . He spoke again and this time I saw his grills .
"I said moe it's not good to be on your phone while pumping gas".
"Moe my name isn't Moe it's Remi" .
He laughed "damn my bad you must not be from around here Moe is just some shit we say".
"No I'm not I just moved here from Atlanta".
        I noticed he was checking me out "how old are you Remi"?
I replied removing the gas pump thing and said "to young for you". He grabbed it from my hand and placed it back in its rightful stop before saying .
"I can tell your a little feisty ma I like that my name is Deondre and I'm only eighteen . You looking about fifteen, sixteen".
       I notice my mom coming "I'm fifteen and if you don't wanna get cursed out by my mom I suggest you start walking away" I nod my head behind him.
He backed up and with a grin on his face replied "we'll get up I'm sure of that".
         He then gets into a black ford truck with rims and tinted windows and drives off.
"What that grown man want"? My mom said.
"Nothing just was showing me the gas thing" I lied .
She side eyed me "umhm don't get hot in the ass little girl".

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