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(If you haven't yet, read Empty Promises! This is the sequel, so you need to read that first)


I-I just killed her.... I just killed (y/n)... The one I love, for the seer. I started crying. But then I remembered Alex, she was still crying, calling for her mother. How am I going to tell her this when she is older? I just won't tell her. Yea, that's it.

I picked her up and calmed her down. I can't stay here any more, I'll break down crying every time I go anywhere. I got every thing that Alex had, as well as her carrier, then I ended up burning down the house. (y/n) and Masky inside. As I walked along, I came across a well, which had a picture of an Earth on it. I heard about this from Hoodie, Masky and Puppeteer, but I had never wanted to go down. I guess I have no choice now.

I jumped down, and climbed out of the other side, Alex still in her carrier.

"Who are you?!" Called out a hooded guy. He seemed a little familiar to me.

"Um, I'm Bloody Painter, and I need a place to stay with my few months old daughter Alex!"

"Bloody Painter? Helen?!"

"How do you know my name?"

"I'm Hoodie! remember?"

Shit Hoodie....

"Oh h-hey Hoodie! I thought you uuuh, died?"

"Oh yea, the great part of being a proxy! I regenerate after a month!"

"O-oh! That's good"

"Yea! so anyway, how's (y/n)? And Masky?"

"Um, th-they died today."

"What?! how?"

"I killed them...,"


"Alex is the next seer... since (y/n) wasn't able, I knew that we needed one soon, so I killed her so Alex could be awoken.... I've it the book and everything."

"Doesn't mean you kill them! I know Masky will come back, but (y/n) is gone for good now. Nice one Helen. Kill the one you love, just for a fucking seer! You do know that she could have been awoken with her mother still alive?!"



"Look, I'm soooo sorry! Niw I feel like absolute shit, but really do need a place to stay! Can you hook me up please?"

"Fine, but only this once." he walked off and I followed him. Thankfully Alex was still asleep, which is good.

As Hoodie stopped outside a huge black mansion. 'I guess this is our new place' I thought to myself, as we entered, to start a new life, without (y/n).

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