Chapter 8- sleepover

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Next morning
Zach's POV
I wake up late and get dressed in a rush in a red hoodie and black ripped jeans with some white slip on vans. I run downstairs and grab an apple. "Bye mom!" I say running out the door. "Bye Zach" I get in my car fix up my hair in the mirror and get going to school. I get into my school and grab my stuff from my locker. I start walking to my class when I'm pulled into the janitors closet. Jacks in here. "What do you want Jack?" I ask confused. "Look, I'm really sorry for yesterday. I did it because Eben threatened me he would hurt you even worse if I didn't. I'm hoping we could be friends. And Daniel also hates bullying you so he wants to be friends as well." He explained. He sounded truthful and like he really meant it. "Fine, I forgive you, what did Eben tell you?" I ask wondering what secrets of mine he told. "He told us you were gay, who you had a crush on, and a bunch more reasons to hate you" "who did he say I had a crush on?" I ask, he better not have told its Jack. "Me" he looks down. "Oh, well this is embarrassing. I got to go to class. See ya?" I hate Eben even more for telling them I like Jack. "See ya" he responds. I walk into my class a little late. "Why are you late?" The teacher asks. "Nonya business" I respond. I hate this teacher so I don't mind giving her some sass. "Don't talk to me like that" she respond. I roll my eyes and sit in my seat. So now it's just Jonah and Eben. I smile at the thought of that. 4 against 2, I'm winning for once.
Time skip to lunch
I get to lunch and sit across from Corbyn and Christina. I felt 2 people sit on each side of me. I turn and it's Jack and Daniel. "Hey" I say. "What are you guys doing here?" Corbyn asks. "We want to be friends now, we don't want to bully again" Jack explains and Daniel nods. "I'm really sorry Zach, can you please forgive me?" Daniel asks. "Sure, promise you won't again?" I look at both of them. "Promise" they say at the same time. We talk about our grades and stuff and the rest of the school day goes well.
Time skip to end of school because nothing really happens
I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. "Hey, do you wanna hang out at my house? Corbyn and Daniel are going to be there too" Jack asks. "Um, sure" he grabs my right arm and it hurts because of the cuts. "What's wrong?" Jack says confused. "Oh, um, it's nothing" "okay" he knows there's something wrong but he won't ask. I get in my car and head to his house. We play never have I ever. "Never have I ever embarrassed myself in front of my crush" Corbyn tells us a funny story about him falling off his skateboard in front of a girl. "What about you Zach?" Daniel asks. I do have one and it was in front of Jack."I have one" I say. "Tell us!" Jack says. "I tripped and fell on a rock right in front of them. I fell face first too." "Who was your crush?" Corbyn asked not knowing about me liking Jack. Jack looks at me and smirks. I just look at Jack real quick and look at Corbyn. He whispers a quiet "ohh" Jack didn't notice though. We played a bit more We learned some embarrassing stories and some funny ones too. Then we decided to go swimming. I got into my swimming trunks and start putting on sunscreen. As I start somebody picks me up and throws me in the pool. I pull them in with me. It put my head above the water and see Jack. "I hate you!" I say. "No, you love me" I roll my eyes.  "Awwwwww" I hear Daniel say. We all swim and play some games. We get out of the pool and inside. "Do guys wanna stay the night?" Jack asks me. "I can't, I have a thing to go to" Corbyn says winking. "Same" Daniel says nudging me. Ugh, I hate them. "Zach's free though, right?" Corbyn says. "Yeah let me just tell my mom"I say shyly. "Great!" Corbyn and Daniel leave and I go to shower. "Take these" Jack hands me a t-shirt and sweatpants. "Thanks" I go to the bathroom and shower and get dressed. I walk out and sit on the bed. "Nice shirt" Jack says. "Thanks"I giggled. "Do wanna sleep on the bed and I sleep on the floor or wanna both sleep on the bed?" He asks. "Whatever's more comfortable" I say. "Okay." He lays in bed next to me and we watch a movie. We cuddled a bit and he played with my hair. It felt like it couldn't be happening. He's probably just playing with my feelings now that he knows I like him. I start to fall asleep smiling. Today has been great, no bullying, no being made fun of, hanging out with friends. I hope tomorrow is just like this.

Tell me if there's anything you guys want to see in this story or in another book. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a great day.💓💕

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