The Dark

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I will start from where i was taken, Bandon, Chelse, and Baby, my 8 mounth old baby brother and I were waiting in the airport, mom said she would be right back, but that was 2 hours ago, still Brandon wouldn't move an inch away from where she left us, or i should say dumped us. The world wasn't like how it used to be, and more and more kids were dropped each year, Brandon was 7, Chelse was 3, and I was 9. Mom had more kids, but they died before we got to see them, she wasn't the kind to have kids, and I had to look over my brothers and sister, with baby in on my left in my arm, and chelse holding my right hand I was trying to make Brandon understand we had to leave before it got dark, we stayed at the airport where she left us until 3, where two men took us.

They put us in a concentration camp that was just a waiting camp, until the medical one had slots open. Baby died within weeks, and they buried him under the tree beside my window.

I had shared a room with Chelse, but after she got sick, they kept her in a room to die off, after a mouth of containment, they let her out, but a room was open and she stayed in it by herself, Brandon transfered to a boys camp, and I thought that was the last time i would see him.

Even though the concentration wasn't sopposed to experiment with us, they chose to anyways, many kids died, but for some reason I kept healing quicker and quicker, the first time though, when they cut me up the pain was excruciating, and for a week they kept me it a restraining chair.

About my 4th year, I was in the restraining chair for the fourth week, and a new guard came in, he stared at me, and I thought he was the most handsome guy I've ever seen. His name was Erik.

He would come to my room and Talk to me, he would kiss me, and would stay the night with me, I thought I loved him.

I thought wronge.

The first time he hit me we were both in shock, by the second, I knew he liked it,

Time passed and I had no way to know if minutes passed or hours, they locked me up as highly dangerous, only letting one guard in. Erik. I remember my last days clearly


I was sitting staring out my window, I was standing in my white room, behind me was my white bed, and white staralized sheets, also was my white toilet, and white sink.

I turned into almost nothing, too much of a threat to go outside, hell! I can't leave my room, unless 5 guards Hull me to my experimenting room, designed for me.

I just stare outside most days, looking beyond the single tree outside of my window.

Each room has a single tree.

Mine just has my baby brother buried under it.

They used to teach us our schooling, because we were still under united states law, and it was forced, but the united states fell apart when what was called the last war took place, the Germans took over the top part, and France took the bottom. We are in what used to be called Kansas, and now is called padri, owned by the French.

Most these kids don't know how to spell, but from chelse's age and up, some do.

I hear my door unlock, but I don't turn around, it was Erik.

" hi gorgeous" he tried.

I bit my lip.

" I said hey gorgeous" he said again, but he was iritated, and anger seeped through his teeth.

I wasn't going to cry this time.

I wasn't going to cry this time.

" hey, I'm talking to you slut" he spun me around, so I was right in front of him .

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