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3.10 Day Five: Lizzie/Parker/Lizzie

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This time, Parker bought me the iced coffee.

She convinced her stepmom, Debbie, to drive her through downtown this morning for coffee and another peek at Miss Patty's Salon. Apparently, Debbie worked from home as a travel agent, so she didn't mind. It was the most Parker ever talked about her family to me. I always forgot her parents were divorced. Maybe it would've been smarter to get to know the person I'm contracted to stay with for thirty days, but oh well, I guess.

If Parker wanted to murder me, she would've done it by now.

Sitting in my car, getting ready to head over to Parker's house, I realized I didn't know anything about her family. Not really. Their personalities were a mystery. Did she like her dad? I guessed not, since she never really mentioned him. I remembered her mom lived somewhere in New York, but I couldn't recall why Parker had to move in with her Dad, after all this time.

Starting a new school before your senior year was kind of a big deal.

Sighing, I started my car and flipped through my music. Nothing stuck out to me at all, my mind too muddled, when a text from Camille popped over the screen:

CAMILLE: [Hey! What are you ladies doing today? Can I join? 🖤🖤]

I stared at the text.

A strange thought crossed my mind, the first of its kind. I didn't want Camille to join. This time, I kind of wanted to keep Parker all to myself. The memories we were about to make, I just wanted them to be Parker's and mine. No Camille to third wheel.

Wow, I surprised myself. When did Camille become the third wheel?

Suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach. Carsick in an unmoving car. I closed my eyes, feeling my arm move on its own. I put my phone away, leaving Camille's text unanswered. I've decided to ignore my cousin, like an ungrateful swine... but she'll never know. I've got a reputation of not replying to texts.

Now I was just trying to convince myself.

Groaning, I curled against my armrest. A bug had bitten me. This was a rare diagnosis that I thought I had been immune from catching. Peering at my phone, I suddenly knew which playlist to turn on and my whole body cringed. This sickness involved body aches, a high fever and the sweats.

Lizzie's "Oh damn, am I crushing???" Playlist:

1. Crush by Tessa Violet

2. It's Strange (featuring K.Flay) by Louis the Child

3. 1950 by King Princess

4. Golden Hour by Kasey Musgraves

5. Etc.

"Kill me," I muttered before driving out of the school parking lot. 



Debbie and my Dad didn't know how to deal with the idea of a girlfriend coming over to the house. They straight up panicked, going into a tizzy about cleaning the house and making sure there were snacks and drinks. To be fair, I never brought Emily over. I've never brought a friend over either. Not even Camille, so I guess this was a big deal to them.

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