The dark

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I took a step into the room, i was in a old hospital, part of the concentration camp that once belonged here, the memories ran clear in my mind, as i took another step in the burnt room. Most on the rooms barely had roofs or walls anymore, they were burnt, and torn by the patiants that were strong enough at the end to try and tear and dig their way out before the fire and expolsion got to them. Needless to say, I was being careful with my steps, trying not to make a noise, and avoiding prices and fragments of 'doctors', 'nurses', patiants, and guards.

Arms, legs, prices of faces layed scattered around.

I herd a loud crunch behind me, and turned around, glaring.

" my bad " Aaron snikered, watching my expression turn dissapointed he became annoyed. " what?? I can't be a raven, and be perfectly quiet!" he said quite loud.

I seriously wanted to punch him out.

A raven is someone who watches your back when you are going in on a high risk area, being a raven, which aperently aaron can not understand, you have to be quite, on guard, stealthy, and always watch the dove; me, the one that leads the way.

I looked around, containing my anger and forcefully replacing it with hope.

My only task was to find my brother. He was in room 7 the last time I saw him, farthest room away from the explosion, as my sister was in the room of explosion, I knew her fate was quick, but I couldn't help but worry that she was watching it happen, knowing she was going to die in minutes. Seconds.

" it's not possible that he's still alive, we have to relize that and move on, dove" luke said right behind me. I would have jumped, at his remarkably close presence,but I felt the emotions is his mind as he walked up behind me, and I knew that's what he was hopping for.

After the explosion My mind has been picking up emotions as well as my healing has been improving.

" i'm not here for him" I lied.

I was trying to sence the feelings nearby, but still I felt nothing, then as a conformation, My eyes wandered to a bracelet I had made for my brother, it stitched a yellow heart on the light blue bracelet, i walked causiously to the arm that the bracelet was conected to, and slid it off, I held it in my hand, squeezing it so hard, not letting any emotion excape.

He was dead.

His arm was just laying in a room, he wasn't in this room, how did his arm end up in here? My sisters dead, and mom didn't give a crap about us! He was dead, and I was the last of my family... I hope, Im going to hunt mom down and-

" do you smell that?" Luke clearly not sencing my dramatic fit thankfuly, but smell.

I couldn't smell anything, I searched for a feeling, and again, it came back with nothing.

I slid the bracelet on as a promise to my brother, and ran to another room, quick to check all hidden spots, " clear! "

Again Aaron somehow prances into the room, like he has nothing better to do but still is bored like we brought him along on a leash.

I watched luke as he turned on his hunter sences. Yes he was gorgeous, but he wasn't mine, and never could be... Again.

" dove" he said softly into my hair, as we had to keep as quiet as possible. He was looking out, and then turned to me " take the room down the hall, check it.

I was soposed to be the brains of this operation, and kind of mad that he knew that I was emotionally not ready for this.

I printed down the hallway to the door, tumbled at the doorframe, while taking out my knife out my right side, my eyes searched for a danger, and then stuck my knife out as a silent 'check'.

Luke and Aaron both ran into the room, Aaron having some sort of fun with beating Luke into the room.

Next I would check the next three rooms quickly, and without a flaw, checking by a slice on the wall.

Without another thought, I swing into the room, dead bodies, no hiding areas, slice, next room, dead bodies and fragments, check, check, slice, last room, clear, clean, what?

I looked up worried I was in a trap, waiting to see arrows pointing at me, but their wher no arrows, no lined up army, this room was big, but I was determined to check it all before my coliges came in worried. I felt a singe of surprised emotion above me, instead of slowly looking up behind me, I ran, colaped of my knees, and slid under the table that stood 2ft, on the other side I turned around and no one was their. I felt it then, it was behind me. I turned around, knowing if I gave up now I wouldn't be a game to him, he would either kill me then, or...

" hi" I said as I looked into his eyes.

That's not what I was going to say at all,

I was going to say ' what do you want' but instead I became an idiot.

I knew him

Well I used to know him.

After this concentration camp I knew no one, even I became different.

" hi" he said

" 2 o' clock!" i herd Luke say before I felt a pain in my side.

I looked back into the guy's eyes, as his were fixed onto my stomach, I was bleeding profusly no doubt, and seconds later he was down.

" seriously Aaron?" I gave him a brutal glare. I liked my fingers, and knelt down to the boy I once knew, and toutched the bullet shots in his chest, the bullets came out like they would if you rewound time, and the bleeding stopped, the boys was still uncontious, but he would live.

I then looked back to the boys, as they stared at the whole I had, a bullet landed to the floor, and my pain became dull, I swear, no matter how many times they see me heal myself, they always are in shock.

" Why do we even keep him?" Luke ran his fingers through his hair.

" because I'm gorgeous?" Aaron said like it was obvious.

" how about he is the last one" I said, then looked back at the guy sleeping on the ground " or so I thought"

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