Friendly neighbor

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     The doorbell rings it was the next day the kids were off to their first day well Remi was home she wasn't feeling well and Cre was mainly in his office.
Walking to the door I opened it and saw a man standing before me. He was tall and skinny dark brown skin with some beautiful green eyes that just drew you in. He was wearing jeans a white v neck and a black leather jacket. He must've been born with something mixed within his African American side because his hair was so curly and reddish Dark brown.

      "Hello my name is Lee me and my family live down some ways and it was rumored that we have new people in the neighborhood, so I stopped by to introduce myself"

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      "Hello my name is Lee me and my family live down some ways and it was rumored that we have new people in the neighborhood, so I stopped by to introduce myself".
"That's sweet of you I'm Roshonda but you can call me Ro".
He replied "Ro well that's a nice name for a beautiful women".
I started to blush when Remi came into view. "Ma who is this"? She said looking Lee up and down as if sizing him up.
"Remi this is Mr. Lee he lives in the neighborhood and stopped by to say hello".
She looked at him and didn't say anything "hello Remi it's nice to meet you".
I nudged her and she replied "hi" and then walks away from the door.
"Excuse my daughters rudeness she wasn't feeling well earlier she's really a sweet girl".
"Trust me I understand my kids are the same how many kids do you have if you don't mind me asking"?
"Six four girls and two boys but my oldest isn't living with us she has her own family".
"Wow Six you don't even look old enough for a women with six kids". This man was definitely hitting on me .
"Are you married" I asked because the way he was spitting game there was no way he was.

I was in my office looking at the floor plans of my new night club and hotel when my office door opens. "Daddy some man is at the door trying to holla at momma".
"What"? I said looking up.
"Daddy I said there's a man at the door trying to get mommas draws". I got up and walked to the threshold of my office door and peeled out and there was definitely a light skin nigga at me door smiling in Ro's face.
"Who the fuck is that"? She grinned and said "daddy you gotta put a dollar in the money jar". Some shit Ro started last night because one of the twins blurted out a curse word.
"Fuck that jar" I said stepping out my office .
"Ro"! I called out her name and they both look at me.
When I got closer to the door I sized the man up and said "who are you partna"?
He replied with his hand out "I'm Lee a neighbor of yours". I looked down at his hand but didn't shake the shit so he pulled back.
"Okay cool well thanks for coming to introduce yourself to me and my beautiful wife". I grabbed the door knob and said "alright bruh well thanks for coming by".
I was closing the door and Ro stepped back and once it was closed she said "Cre really"?
"Yea really why the hell you laughing and shit in that mans face"!
Ro walked pass me "You so insecure I was being a nice neighbor that all".
I shook my head and looked out the window beside the door and watched this nigga walked to his all black Porsche looking back at my house. I was trying to be on no gangsta shit here in DC I left that to the boys in Atlanta, but if I had to pull out my nine on a nigga here I will not hesitate.

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