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Sophia's POV
I storm into a guest room where I kept extra clothes just in case something like this would happen. I open the closet and take out my shorts and my sports bra.

"Brody can you come out with me and train?" I ask him while I was changing. I waited for a few seconds but there was no answer from him. It was 1am so I assumed he was sleeping. So I tried Jacob next.

"Are you free right now?" I ask. I made my way out of the house and stood in the freezing night. It was a mistake to wear shorts. I brought my wolf forward to warm me up a bit.

"Yeah you need anything?" His voice asked in my head. I sat down in the grass and let out a sigh.

"You want to come out and train a bit?" I ask him. He's silent for a few seconds then I get a response from him.

"Yeah just give me a few minutes to get ready," he said.

"Oh can you also get me a sweatshirt I'm kinda cold. I picked the wrong outfit for tonight," I ask him. A cool breeze hit me face on and I shiver slightly.

"Yeah I'll bring one over," he said. I thank him and lay down in the grass. The dirt was cold but it felt nice. The stars scattered the sky but there were clouds hiding half of them.

Suddenly, I felt a soft cloth fall on my face. It was drowned in Titus' scent. I picked it off my face and saw Jacob standing over me.

"I brought Titus' sweatshirt because I don't think he'll be happy if he smelled my scent on you," he said. I nod and put it on and it instantly warmed me up.

"So why are you awake at 1Am?" He asks. I shrug and he helps me up from the ground. I wipe the grass of my back.

"I think the better question is why you're awake at this time," I said. He shrugs and gives a light smile.

"I always do this. I always think about the life I could've had with my mate," he whispers. Sadness glazed over his eyes and I give him a big hug.

"She doesn't deserve you. You deserve so much more than her," I whisper into his chest. Jacob is such a great guy and when Isabella rejected him, she made the biggest mistake of her life.

"Hey the Moon Goddess gave me Titus after Terry rejected me. Your second chance mate is somewhere out there. You just have to find her," I said. He nods and sniffs a little. A guy who can protect someone and still show emotions.

"So do you want to get going?" He asks. I nod and I hear cracking come from his body and he turned into his beautiful gray wolf that glistened in the moon light.

"Climb on. My wolf won't bite," his voice said in my head. I could see his wolf give a little smirk. I roll my eyes and climb onto his back carefully.

The second both of my legs were off the ground, his wolf speed off already. The force of the movement almost knocked me to the ground.

"Could you slow down a bit?" I laugh as I watch the trees go by in a flash. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on just in case.

"Nope," he said. I could basically see his smile as he said that. I looked up and saw a snowflake fall from the sky. It became a small flurry on the forest floor.

I saw the familiar sign that marked the restricted area and saw two guards as we pass by, I think. They were just kind of two blurs because Jacob was going so fast.

He came to the slow trot and I rolled off his back and laid on the cool leaves on the floor and let the snow fall on my face.

I heard Jacob's bones crack into place and he put his clothes on. I sit up and grab the tree to help me up.

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