chapter 7

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"This is absolutely not appropriate sir and I am sorry for ruining your suit and it's definitely my fault this time but please don't fire me sir, I regret everything I have done but I really need this job."I pleaded with him tears threatening to spill but heck no I won't let him see me when I am this down,I desperately need this job and if it means swallowing my pride then mote it be .

"You know what Lia,"he said walking towards his desk.

Oh how I love the way my name is rolling out of his mouth ,it's strangely sending shivers down my spine , clearly no one has called me in such a manner ,with such.. seduction!

"I liked the feisty you so much, now give me one god damn reason why I should not send you out to the streets."he said in that husky deep voice that made me weak on my knees, boring his eyes intensely at me, the way he was looking at me,it was as if he was looking inside my soul, searching for answers to his questions and that made me gulp.What should I say..what?How can I convince him to let me stay,which proper vocabulary should I use, damn I am really in a need of a dictionary.

My hands were getting wet by the minute,, I think I cannot control my breathing anymore,my stomach is grumbling right now and not because of hunger but out of fear and anxiety.

The room was silent and you could probably hear a pin drop,the only sound was coming from our breathing,in which his was steady and calm but mine, it's unbelievable fast, have you ever been in that situation where you just wish you can have money ,buy some ice cream and just sit down somewhere watching Netflix?I am in that situation right now, I rather be anywhere else than being here infront of a man that has my precious job in his hands and with just a snap I would have to go back to square one .

"So...?I am trying really hard to control my anger, sitting here and fucking wait for your shit answer which is taking incredibly long!"he boomed his voice echoing through the four walls of the office bringing me out of my thoughts and making me jolt.

"Well ..."I said clearing my throat, I really need water right now,my throat is so freaking dry now.

"Sir, I am hardworking and really know my job-"
I was saying before he rudely interrupted me,urgh, I am really trying to control my temper here.I clenched and unclenched my fists trying to at least control my anger but how I wish I can just strangle this sweet bastard!Aaaaah!This man is getting on my nerves,calm down Lia, just calm down.

"Is one way of knowing your job, splashing dirty water on me!"he said through gritted teeth.

"Sir, I am really sorry it's just that I could not find the sink.. please sir I would do anything."

"Anything?"he asked staring intensely at me.

Heck!Why is he giving me that look?oh oh this is not going to be good.

I swallowed down my saliva ,it was kinda itchy and hard since my throat was clearly dry.

"Anything sir."I said playing with the hem of my shirt , drawing patterns on the floor not wanting to see the eyes of the person infront of me.

The room was again silent, the only sound was coming from my boss's fingers tapping on the mahogany table... making me even more nervous.

"Move in with me."he said softly.

"Yes!-whaat!"I shouted when I got what he said clearly.

"I don't repeat myself miss Gonzalez and I am pretty sure you heard everything I said, now give me your answer or get the heck out of my office."he said as he went to typing feriociouslly in his computer.

What the hell..!

How can he say something big like that in such a calm manner?Is this guy serious, like helloooo!

Oh he wants an answer then a fucking answer I will give, to hell with the job.

"Listen here you.... you bastard... you being the boss doesn't mean I will act like a robot and just be like yes sir!Hell no..if you think I am a stupid whore of yours to move in with-"

"Enough!"he screamed throwing the papers that were once on his desk on the floor.

Someone warn me next time to not anger him.


Really Uriel.

Move in with me?
Like seriously...?

Why did I say that!

What was I thinking and here is this tempress infront of me slowly leashing my beast ,why does she have to make me angry all the time, can she just agree for once and leave this be in the past.

"I clearly have no interest in you in any way,I am just offering you a fucking job as my maid ,now you clearly are not worth it.Get your fucking ass out!"I snapped through gritted teeth while I could see tears welling in her eyes as she quickly ran out of my office.

Shit! shit ! what have I done and why is her tears creating pain inside me and it's as if I am being pierced by several swords.

Damn that bitch!Take control Uriel for fucks sake.


Oh my God, why does it happen to me every time.

He just threw me out of his office although he did not say anything about being fired , I know it's just that without hearing it from his mouth, I screwed up real big and this is the consequences for my actions.

I walked towards my house and made my way to my bed, looking at the pillow, it's damp and this shows I am crying.

I hide my face on the pillow and scream out loud in frustration.

But my peace and calm is interrupted by who else than my* sweet *mum . Life has never been better than this.

"Where are you you spawn of Satan, I need money right now!"she shouted barging in my room

"You!"she yelled grabbing me by my hair and throwing me to the hard floor , making me land on my face.

"Please stop, I have no money with me."I cried

"You have no money my ass."she said kicking me on my stomach, blood coming out from my mouth,she slapped and punched my face and that would clearly leave a bruise.

"Now listen to me, I want you out of my house, I can not live with a worthless shit inside my house...take your filthy raggages and I want you out of my bloody house!"she yelled.

"But wait.. where will I go, I have no food or money or a place to stay, please don't do this to me."I cried.

"Do you think I bloody care what will happen to you, I want you out."she shouted as she took my bag which had my clothes on throwing them out of the house, she then came towards me, grabbing me by my hair and throwing me out.

I have no one to go to, Marianna cannot help me because she is in another city studying. What will I do?

Mum and dad I really need you please help me... and a thought came rushing inside him,yes, I have one last option and this means I have to swallow my pride even if it means begging him, I will.. please help me saint Augustine.

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