Chapter Forty-Two.

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"Hey Sweet Pea! Do you know where my phone is?! We're going to be late for rehearsals." I yelled out to Sweet Pea as I ran around the Jones' new house, otherwise known as the old Coopers residence, in desperate search of my phone.

"It was with Charlie!" Sweet Pea yelled out from the kitchen as I rushed into the living room, stopping against the doorway to admire Charlie playing with FP.

"Hey there, are you sure you're okay with us living here? We do bring the household count up to 7 people in a four bedroom place." FP only smiled at me before gently prying my phone out of Charlie's little hands.

"You've always been like a daughter to me Dani which makes Charlie my granddaughter in my eyes. JB loves having you here and I know Jughead does too. I want you to feel like you have a home here rather than just crashing here." FP stood up as he held Charlie in his arms before he walked over and handed the phone to me before hugging me slightly as he noticed the tears in my eyes.

"This truly means the world to me FP, thank you so much. Are you still okay with minding Charlie for a couple of hours? Sweet Pea and I are meant to be at school helping out with the next musical. Sweet Pea even has a role in it which I know he'll never admit to enjoying." I smirked at the thought of just how much Sweet Pea had changed over the last four months since the "war" ended.

"You know I love taking care of this little munchkin right here." FP smiled down to Charlie as he played with her hands slightly. He really was treating this whole situation as if she was his own grandchild and it made me smile so much. Neither I nor Sweet Pea had any biological family left but it was an incredible feeling knowing that Charlie would grow up with such a strong support system.

"Thank you so much. We should be home by 8pm." I kissed FP on the cheek before grabbing my keys and walking out the door with Sweet Pea right behind me. 

"It's so weird but I actually feel like I'm at home here with you and the Jones'" Sweet Pea smiled down at me as he stopped me and kissed me softly on the lips.

"I feel the exact same way Sweets. It's like our life is finally making sense again you know?" I hoped in the passenger side of the car as Sweet Pea insisted on driving. We desperately needed a new car however we were saving up for a little house of our own for after graduation, which was only two months away now as we had completed extra courses to graduate early. 

"I can't believe you're actually playing a role in this musical! Opening is only a couple of days away!" We now only lived a short five minute drive from the school compared to the fifteen minute drive it took from Thistle-house. 

"Oh please you're the one that convinced me to join." Sweet Pea teased, poking his tongue out at me before focusing on the road once more. "You, Kevin and Evelyn have been working so hard on this musical and I just wanted to be apart of something you loved." 

My heart swelled as a blush crept onto my cheeks, even after a year this boy still managed to make me blush from the amount of love he shared with me and our family. 

"I love you so much and I love you even more for doing this. Plus you're the perfect J.D, besides the whole psychotic part." I sent Sweet Pea a soft smile as we pulled up at the school ready for another round of rehearsals, the days were rough and the nights were longer but it felt good being able to act like a normal teenager because for the first time in my life I was just that.

"It's my dashing good looks isn't it?" Sweet Pea winked as he held my hand, kissing me softly on the lips as we continued to walk into the school.

"You know it babe." Before I knew it we were inside the hall watching Cheryl, Toni, Betty and Veronica rehearse 'Candy Store'. It's been difficult trying to control Cheryl and Toni after their breakup, the reason Sweet Pea and I moved out actually. The both of them were strong, independent women however they were both scared to love someone with everything they had. They had trust issues and were both quite passionate when they set their minds to something, hence the fabulous disaster that was the rehearsals.

"These two seriously need to settle their differences and just kiss and make-up." I whispered softly to Evelyn making sure that nobody else would hear me. Evelyn laughed under her breath as she nodded her head in agreement.

"It's clear they still love each other, sometimes people need time apart in order to realise that." Smiling at Evelyn's kind and truthful words I nodded my head and walked over to Sweet Pea as the rehearsal was finished for that scene.

"Hey princess." Sweet Pea smiled as he leant down and kissed me on the lips, they were soft and gentle yet still managed to send chills down my spine, the same chills I got the first time we kissed.

"Hey babe." I smiled to myself as Sweet Pea's arms found their way around my waist as we stood talking to Archie and Reggie.

"Are you guys nervous for opening night?" I asked the boys as a way of starting the conversation.

"Me? Nervous? Please you know I don't get nervous." Reggie commented smirking to himself.

"If I can recall you've always been nervous when it came to any female and now you're performing a musical in front of the entire school." I teased in a playful spirit causing Archie and Sweet Pea to laugh before Archie high-fived me.

"Well I'll admit I'm nervous, especially after the last musical's events but hopefully we've got this thing down to a tee." Archie spoke up before Evelyn got everyone's attention. 

"Everyone, hi. Um... I know that cast parties are usually after opening night but the Farm will be hosting a little get-together tonight at the former Sisters of Quiet Mercy. And, um, I know it may seem a little weird or Method-y, but... come in costume." Everyone cheered at the thought of attending a party as Evelyn jumped off of the table and resumed her duties.

"Are you two coming?" Reggie nudged Sweet Pea and I pulling me out of my thoughts. I wanted nothing more than to go to this party tonight but I knew I would have to check in with FP and see if he can watch Charlie for the night as Sweet Pea and I would end up crashing at my room in the Farm.

"I want to go if you do." I looked up talking directly to Sweet Pea.

"I think it would be really good for us to have a night away just relaxing and drinking. We haven't had it since Charlie was born and I love that little girl so much but I would also love a night off, what do you say?" Sweet Pea asked me as if I hadn't already changed my mind.

"I say let's do it. Let's forget about our responsibilities and just have fun." I leant up and kissed Sweet Pea on the lips softly, laughing at Archie and Reggie's inappropriate comments.

"Are we ready for a night of partying boys?" I smiled as all three of the teenage boys cheered and high-fived each other. 

We were in for one wild teenage night. 

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