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Sophie finally finished downstairs with Kevin out of her way, since he had decided to go hang out in his room. She wiped her forehead and gathered all of her supplies, walking them to her car. She used an oil wipe she had in her bag to fix her face and then pulled her hair out of the ponytail, patting it down.

She grabbed her outfit and then awkwardly climbed into the backseat, her head slamming against the seat multiple times. She was about to take off her shirt when there was a knock on the window, making her jump.

She turned her head to see Kevin looking in, a confused expression on his face. "What are you doing?" his muffled voice traveled through the window.

Sophie groaned and opened the car door. "I have a party to go to so I'm trying to change. Why are you following me?" she asked.

"Is this yours?" he asked, holding up her bracelet. "I found it in my room."

Sophie took it from his hands, nodding. "Yeah, thanks. I must have taken it off."

"You know, you can change inside. You shouldn't change out here where people can see you. I could have totally seen you changing just now."

Sophie nodded and got out of the car with a sigh, grabbing her stuff. "Thanks," she said. The two walked inside together and Kevin went back up to his room, leaving Sophie to change in the downstairs bathroom.

She finished getting on her outfit and walked to the front door, opening it up to leave. "That's a cute outfit," Kevin said from behind her. "Going somewhere special?"

"A family party," Sophie replied. "Nothing special. Also, is that Beyonce playing in your room?" she asked with a chuckle. Kevin nodded instantly.

"The Queen B herself."

Sophie smirked with a nod. "Fair. I'll see you around."

Kevin watched as Sophie spun on her heels and left the house, his heart pounding. He had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life. He shook off the stare he was holding at the door and walked back up to his room, singing along to Lemonade.

Sophie sat in the middle of the family party, her head on Liam's shoulder as he played a game on his phone. An older woman sat down in front of the two, looking directly at them.

They both looked up, Liam turning off his phone. "Hey Aunt Libby," Sophie greeted her.

"Sophie, you spend all your time with Liam, no wonder you don't have a boyfriend," the woman began. Sophie sighed, getting ready for the usual speech. "I mean come on, people must assume you're taken with the way you guys are always all over each other!"

"I think I come off as very gay," Liam argued.

"Not at first glance," Libby answered. "This is why you have trouble getting someone to date you. It's because you make yourself seem unavailable—,"

"I have a boyfriend, Aunt Libby," Sophie interrupted. Both Libby and Liam's eyes went wide, staring at Sophie in shock. "His name is Kevin Moon. He lives on Maple Street."

Liam, catching on, turned his head slowly to look at Sophie in disbelief. Libby's shocked expression turned into a smile as she pulled Sophie into a hug. "Oh my beautiful niece is finally in a relationship! It only took you 18 years!"

"Aunt Libby!"

Libby laughed and pulled away. "Tell me about him," she said. Sophie bit her lip.

"Well, he likes Beyonce. He calls her 'The Queen B herself'. He has a really good sense of style, his hair is really nice and fluffy, like he takes really good care of it. He's really handsome and he's very flirty but in a cute way," Sophie described the boy she had just met earlier that day.

Libby smiled while Liam continued to watch Sophie closely, his chin rested on his palm. "He sounds like a great guy," Liam scoffed.

"You haven't met him?" Libby asked Liam. Liam shook his head and Sophie looked at both of them.

"We've only been dating a few weeks now. I haven't introduced him to anyone because I don't want to scare him away," she continued to lie. Liam nodded in amusement.

"That's sweet. Oh my god I have to tell your uncle, he's gonna be so happy for you!" Libby exclaimed. She stood up before Sophie could say anything, not hearing when Sophie shouted her name to stop her.

"So, Kevin Moon, huh?" Liam asked. "Isn't that the kid you told me about who lives in the house you're cleaning?"

"Don't tell anyone, I just wanted to get her to stop nagging me," Sophie answered.

"Brilliant," Liam mocked her. "What do you think this is? One of those movies where you can make a deal with the hot guy to pretend to date you and then you two actually fall in love? Get real."

"It's just something to shut her up," Sophie answered. "It's not like I see the extended family half the time anyway. I'll be fine."

"That's what the main character in those movies always say and then they get pulled into a huge lie. It'll screw you and Kevin over."

"I'll be fine," Sophie repeated. As she finished her sentence, the sound of a fork against a glass chimed through the party, making everyone silent.

"I just wanted to raise a toast to our beautiful Sophie and her new boyfriend Kevin. May they find love and happiness, and may they last long enough for us to meet him," Libby spoke to the crowd, holding her glass in the air.

Chatter began among the family but everyone raised their glasses with smiles on their faces. Liam looked at Sophie with a smirk and nodded.

"Mhm, you'll be fine," he mocked.

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