Who do I love?

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"Woh! Woh! Woh! Chiil!"
Jungkook said quickly removing Rosé had from his dick.
"Let's try to keep our hands to ourself!"
Jungkook said getting up from the couch and you chuckle at him before going back into the kitchen.


You look at Rosé who's walking out while swinging her hips side to side.

"What a Bitch."
You said.

"Come on it just a food."
Jungkook pull you down on his lap and look at your poker face.
"What with that face?"
Jungkook pinch you're nose.

"She come in and take away the lunch I made for you and—"
Jungkook cut you off by kissing you're lips.

"I don't need that lunch when my whole meals is in front of me."
He said smirking at you.

"Oh No! Boi were not going to do it."
You said getting off from his lap.

"Come on Babe!"
"It's been three weeks since we didn't do it."
Jungkook whine.

"Well... sound like a You problem."
You said grabbing you're purse.
"Let's go out and eat."
You than drag him out off his office and you both went to a restaurant to eat.


"The food was good."
You said and smile at Jungkook.
"I enjoy it."

"Well, good."
Jungkook said and you look at him.
"Honey you ate A LOT!"
He said.
"What if you get fat?"
"And you have that fat tummy—-"

"Cut it out."
You cut him off.
"It's my body, I can eat and do whatever I want."
You smile at him and roll you're eye.

"But I own it."

"I don't think so—-"
Someone interrupted you.

You know that voice.
"Y/N is this really you?"

You put down you're cup and turn to look at the person.

You said and look at Jungkook.

"I miss you!"
He said and pull you into a hug.

While he was hugging you, you look at Jungkook who look really annoyed and ready to punch Taehyung.

"U-um..I miss you too?"
You said and Taehyung broke the hug.

"Come here."
Jungkook eye you to sit next to him.
He said and you sit next to him.

Jungkook cross his leg and wrap his arm around you're shoulder trying to show Taehyung you got an owner..

"Babe, introduces me to you're friend."
You look at Taehyung who's looking at you confused.

"I-um... Taehyung this is Jungkook."
You said and Jungkook look at you from the corner of his eye.
"Jungkook this is Taehyung...."
"A-An... old friend of mine?"
You said and Taehyung smile disappears from his face.

"Old friend?"
Jungkook said and you nod at him.

"Jungkook, Y/N boyfriend but soon to be her fiancé."
Jungkook said asking Taehyung for a handshake.

"Taehyung Y/N first lov—"
Taehyung look at you but you shook your head as a NO and he let out a chuckle.
"Y/N old best friend."
Taehyung said and look at you.

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