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This is a few months after you where hit by the car.

You woke up feeling better and it seemed like every day you where getting better and better mabey you could go home soon!

The doctor walked in your room a little later "Excuse me.... Mr. (L/n) you're going to be released today" the doctor said. You where so happy you got to go home and sleep in a real bed and see all your friends and you get to see Narancia!

Later that day when you where released you left with Bucciarati and Narancia, he was holding your hand as Bucciarati wheeled you out of the hospital. You where gonna be in a wheel chair for a while until you could finally walk again.

When you got home you where greeted by every one and you all had a little party it was the best thing ever, every one was so happy to see you (except abbacchio) and once again you thought 'I finally have a family!'.

That night was amazing getting to finally rest in your own bed with Narancia after so long in the hospital was amazing, and that night you dreamed about how your life with Narancia would turn out how every thing would play out.

When you woke up you where finally able to wake up to Narancia holding onto your arm 'just like old times' you thought, and just like old times you waited for Narancia to wake up and when he did he gave you a kiss "I missed you so much" he said
"You dont know how painful it was to wake up with out you in my arms" you replied. You where finally home again.

Every one made a big effort trying to help you do things like get some where or do something and even try and help you walk again. It was amazing to have so many people care about you, you felt like you ment something to the world.

And after a few weaks you could take a few steps, and after even more time you could walk again! It was the best feeling ever being able to walk again and being able to go places. And the fisrt thing that you did was go on a walk with Narancia.

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