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a/n: i was writing this while having an arm spasm so now my bed is covered in chocolate syrup and tears


Not every story has a happy ending. That was clear to me now as my feet carried me closer to the battle that was currently going on. I wished I was told that sooner instead of listening to everyone's happy ever after stories. That's just how it works though, you can't prevent something you don't even know will happen. In a story, there are three parts, the beginning, the middle/arc, and the end. Every story had to have some kind of problem or issue to lead up to the arc, where it gets solved and then the end follow the solution not long after. Right now it seemed that in my story, this battle was the arc and whether I lived or died was the ending. I was running despite the urges to collapse and give in to the tiredness eating away, the way this story would end was becoming more and more obvious the closer I got.

Explosions coming from every direction as the fiery hothead blew up the villain more and more, it was obvious the villain was tired and he was close to giving up. What the hothead failed to notice was me running at them at full speed, if he had noticed maybe this wouldn't be the ending in my story. No one can blame anyone to expect me, it was me who forced myself out of that rubble and saved the rest of my class. It was me who pushed away from the paramedics and ran straight towards the explosions, it was my fault my story came to an end.

We were training when a massive villain attacked, since it was UA the training area was giant. Which meant we were all separated making us easier targets. Bakugou got lucky with the small villain who was good at holding up but failed to notice the right times to attack, he had it under control. Or so he thought. I was aware of how the next few events would unfold, I knew that it didn't matter what he wanted or not. I knew I had overused my quirk a while ago, I used the little bit of physical strength I had to rescue my classmates after pushing myself from the pile of the collapsed building. The pain coursing throughout my body didn't matter, the need to stop and get help didn't matter, what mattered now was saving Katsuki Bakugou.

The villain was planning on sending an all-out attack which would knock Bakugou out and give the villain a perfect entry point to kill him, which I refused to let happen. The heroes weren't far behind us but they wouldn't get here quick enough, it was up to me. I would sacrifice everything for my classmates and I definitely wouldn't think twice before taking such a high voltage hit for my closet friend and crush. Maybe if I had thought twice this situation wouldn't have taken the turn it did, it was too late for self-doubt and second thoughts now though.

Without hesitation, I leaped from the roof I was running to and in front of Bakugou. Just as that happened the villain sent out his last attack, which was fatal to me. It happened so fast, almost too fast. The air was whipping all around Bakugou as he watched me, what was I doing? He could see how damaged my body already was, noticing all of the places that blood was trickling down and yet I still had a bright smile on my face when I turned to him. He could see the attack from behind me slowly creeping up to my torn body, he had no time to react. "Get out of here, idiot." I teased as my smile widened from the pain the second the attack came into contact with my body.

It was quiet and dark. My body was aching but I ignored it and forced my eyes open, I had to know that he was okay. It took me a minute to realize where I was until I was greeted with his angry face. I was being held by Bakugou, we were sitting in an alleyway that hadn't gotten damaged as the pros captured the villain. "Why the hell would you do that, you idiot." He hissed at me, I blinked a few times before realizing that he had tears streaming down his face.

I went to move my arm but I hissed in pain before dropping it back to my side, "I wasn't going to let you die, you got a life to live, hedgehog." I muttered to him. I felt his grip tighten at my words and he shook his head.

He stared down at my beaten face, "You had a life to live too, damnit! You and I were supposed to fight after this, did you forget?! I won't let you go that easily, you can't die!" He screamed at me. I chuckled softly, that's right. He challenged me to a fight but I gave in and didn't win on purpose, he wanted a rematch where I went all out and I agreed. Wait, was that all he could really think of right now?! I just saved his fucking life!

I shrugged and sighed, I knew I wouldn't survive this. There's something I have to do before I go though, I won't leave without saying this to him. "Hey, shut up for a damn minute." I whisper to him which shut up him up instantly, that was easier than I expected. "Before I go, I got something to tell you. Now's probably a bad time but I like you, fuck, I love you." I said sourly, not because I was angry at him but because I knew I wouldn't get to spend the time with him after my confession. It wouldn't be a happy ending, that's not how the story goes.

His grip softened, "A-Are you seriously confessing to me now? You're such a moron." He choked out. I had never seen Bakugou so hurt before, did I really mean that much to him. "God, I love you too idiot!" He shouted and forced himself to stand up, clinging onto me tightly.

He took off running towards the entrancing, obviously trying to get me help. "Can you smile for me? I wanna see that cheeky grin before I go." He didn't move though, he kept the same hurt face as before. "Please, Katsuki." I breathed out, this time it was my turn to cry. "You're impossible." I let out an airy chuckle as my vision started to slip, I didn't have much time.

There it was though, the laugh that made me fall in love with him. I looked up at his smile, smiling myself. "Thank you." He muttered to me and slowed his pace as he approached our fellow classmates, they all shared the same pain behind their eyes when they saw me in his arms.

I glanced back up at him one last time, "You're welcome, you hedgehog." I replied before shutting my eyes. That was the last time he would hear me say that name, that was the last time he would ever hear my voice and he knew that too. Back in the alley he knew deep down I wouldn't make it, he saw how much blood I had lost before I saved him and he knew that I couldn't recover. That didn't stop him from taking off and running though, he stopped in the alley because he wanted to treasure his last moments with me. I meant everything to Bakugou and he meant everything to me.


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