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Author Note: Jason is a older brother to Artemis and a Younger brother to Jade. Jason is seventeen years old in This! Season 1. Now for the story:

Artemis P.O.V

Not to long ago I saved Kid flash from Amazo. And because of that Green Arrow and Batman came to the apartment.

Jason wasn't home but my mom was. She's the one who opened the door and called for me.

That night proved to me I could be something more then the daughter of two assassins. It proved to me that I could be a hero. Someone who stops evil and does good. I could change someone's life. Inspire them.. Teach them that you don't have to be what your parents were that you can be whatever you want.

Green Arrow or Oliver Queen is now my Uncle... Not biological but hey the team doesn't know that... Imagine what they would say if they knew who I was related to.. They would hate me.. I would never be accepted to the team.

Artemis Star City's new hero. Green arrows partner.

When I meant the team most of the members took kindly to me. Miss. Martian was very happy to have me on the team.. Guess it's because she isn't the only girl anymore. Aqualad didn't really say much but that's better then Kid mouth hating on me. Superboy didn't say anything at all he just nodded his head at me as if a way of saying Hi.

"Well I for one think its great we have a new member. Welcome to the team. I'm-." Robin the Boy of Wonder started.

"Your Robin. And thanks. I finished his sentence using monotone.

"Yay! I have a earth sister! And someone to go shopping with and paint nails." Megan shouted.

"Umm.. I don't really like shopping or painting nails." I said.

"What about baking?" Megan asked.
"I only know certain stuff." I repiled.
"Then we can learn together!" She said squealing.
"Uhh.. Yeah." I said at a loss for words.

Red arrow crashed the party and didn't like me but oh well no one asked him! I can't take a spot if you quit! Replacement... How about a better version!

We went on a mission.... We had to fight Cheshire... I couldn't let her get arrested.. The team would hate me. I let her get away..

We headed back to the cave. After Kid flash yelled at me more but hey at least Robin told him I was the one that saved him. I started heading to the Zeta beams to call it a night.

"Artemis wait!" Robin called out running over to me

"Yeah?" I asked turning around.

"Give Wally time he'll come around. I know it's tough being the new girl but trust me you'll fit in great." Robin said smiling..

"Thanks." I said smiling back before leaving.

I headed home.. I'm not telling Jason about this... He'll flip he's kinda protective of me..

"Where were You?" Jason asked as soon as I got inside the house.

"Out with friends." I responded.
"Hmm.." He didn't seem to believe it but it was some what the truth just not the whole truth.

This is gonna be hard. I have to keep him from knowing I'm a superhero and on a team. I have to keep the team from knowing who my family is.. Worst part is the team thinks I live in Star City but I don't and Robin lives in the same place making it harder for me.

Author Note: Sorry its long. Please tell me your thoughts.

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