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( my friends are away

and i'm on my own )

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      MALLORY is ostracized in every sense of the word.

      Her parents ignore her, her siblings treat her like dirt, and she is completely friendless in her hometown. Not even the kids at school want to be in her company. They would always whisper about her in the hallway and stare if she passed by them. Mallory doesn't actually know why she's the black sheep of the family and a complete loner at school. It's a mystery that has stumped her for most of her life.

      When she sees an advertisement for Rim of the World Adventure Camp, she jumps at the opportunity to escape the state of Indiana and head to California for a few weeks. Nobody there will know her and she will have the opportunity to make new friends and not be an outcast.

      She really doesn't expect an alien invasion to happen in the first damn week but she's forced to help save the world with four other kids.

      What's a little shared trauma between friends?

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