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Every smell has made me feel so sick. I just can't—I can't cook, I can't clean, I can't go outside. I've been stuck in bed all week and I can't even flick the lights off in our room. Zabdiel has been helping me with all he can but I can tell he's really stressed with worrying about me and his business.

I was watching a movie while I cuddled with Pumpkin. Zabdiel was having a meeting in his office, I just wanted him to cuddle with me and tell me that I overreact when I watch this movie. "Jack I will never let go." Rose whimpered, my eyes started watering. WHY DOES JAKE HAVE TO DIE? He and Rose belong together, but he died saving her. "Nooo Jack don't die." I cried, "Who the fuck made this movie?" I muttered as I continued to watch the movie while wiping my tears. My stomach grumbled but I was too sick to get up and go to the kitchen, when the movie ended I couldn't stand my hunger anymore so I painfully made my way out of bed.

I had on one of Zabdiel's sweatshirts that went mid-thigh, I pared it with my spandex shorts. I wasn't comfortable wearing anything else. I opened the door and i rubbed my eye and i walked down the stairs slowly. I saw bananas on the counter and my stomach growled even more. I grabbed a banana and I peeled it, i was about to stick a piece in my mouth when I smelled this disgusting smell from the banana and it made me feel nauseous. I didn't have time to run to the bathroom but I made my way to the nearest trashcan. The smell from the trashcan made me feel even sicker and I couldn't stop throwing up. "Isabella, estás bien? Necesitas ayuda?" I heard Johann, I waved him off as I continued to throw up.

"Nena, todo esta bien?" I heard Zabdiel a bit after, Johann must have told him. He pulled up my hair in a makeshift ponytail as he rubbed my back in a soothing way. When I finished throwing up I looked up and his men were all looking at me. I rolled my eyes and I moved away from Zabdiel and I rinsed my mouth quickly. "I'm going back upstairs." I told Zabdiel and he nodded, "Do you need help?" He asked, "Nah I got it, hurry and wrap up your picnic." I told him as I made my way through the sea of men. "What are you looking at?" I muttered as I noticed one of the guys staring at me. His eyes widened and he looked away.  I made my way upstairs and I heard the other men making fun of that guy because he got scared of me. I rolled my eyes as I went back to my room. I brushed my teeth and I layed in bed, I need my Zabdiel here.

God damn, I'm so attached to him.

I decided to go on YouTube and play music to help me fall asleep. I slowly closed my eyes and I was out.

Zabdiel P.O.V (finally)

I rubbed my face stressed when I glanced at the map. If I'm being honest I'm too afraid to try Isabella's idea. So many things can go wrong in the water and if we go with her plan then we need to focus more on storms and tides.

Joel and Chris are dead so now I have to think of who is eligible enough to take care of stuff over there in the US for me. I killed Richard as well which means we have even more places to deliver and I need to find out how I can deliver to those places since I didn't ask Richard what his business style was before I killed him. What sucks is that his younger brother got away and I don't know what he could be planning. I think his name is Joshua or something. For all I know he could be planning my death. He doesn't know Isabella so she will be safe. It's just me he's probably after.


My sweet Isabella...

I should check up on her. I got up from my chair and I stretched. Everything cracked and I felt so much better. I walked down the hall to our bedroom and I hear light music inside, she usually puts on music when she folds the clothes on the bed. It's her favorite spot. I imagined her maybe folding clothes or painting her nails, reading a book, or studying a new recipe. But when I opened the door I saw her peacefully sleeping in the middle of the bed, she is the definition of an angel.

She hugged my pillow as she slept and her beautiful long hair was all over. I looked at the TV and I saw that boyband she loved so much. This song was pretty catchy and I remember when she first told me about this band. She was and still is in love with the Puerto Rican in the group named Zachariah or something. She said that I looked very similar to him but I couldn't see it. Maybe that's why she loves me. Just because I looked like her favorite boyband member.

I turned back to Isabella and I got closer to her. I put some strands of hair behind her ear so that I can see her beautiful olive face more clearly. I don't deserve her, she's too good for me. She deserves someone way better but she's here, with me. I know she loves me back just as much because I can see it in her soft brown eyes when she looks at me with that beautiful smile, even when she's upset and she looks at me with disappointment I know she cares because of her eyes.

Her beautiful chocolate eyes

I kissed her forehead softly and I saw her scrunch up her face. I smiled lightly, she's just too perfect. She's everything any man can ask for. She's loyal, sweet and spicy, she knows when to speak and when to stay silent. She's virtuous. That's something you can rarely find in a woman now in days. Her food is what kills me, her food is so amazing, and her baked treats are to die for. Her personality makes everyone like her and trust her. She is light.

She's wise as well, she knows how much to share around people. Nobody knew she was brought to me or she was kidnapped, when people at the party asked about us she explained that we met at her bakery and we fell in love and she came here to Puerto Rico willingly. Then when she left to watch Jonathan, the wives surrounding their husbands asked if she was a gold digger. I told them the truth about her being kidnapped and they felt bad after. This is why you don't judge a book by it's cover.

The song changed on YouTube and the melody sounded so beautiful, the sound of the guitar got my attention. I looked at the screen and I see that it was a simple lyric video. I read the words and I just knew I wanted to sing this song to Isabella. I pressed the top arrow button on the control and I quickly looked for the song on my phone. When I successfully found it I turned off the TV and I let her sleep and I walked back to my office. I go to the small closet and I opened the door and I saw my old guitar case. I haven't played this in years.

I still remember everything about it, I was the son of a musician I couldn't forget that easily. I might just be a little rusty. I sat on my chair with the guitar case on the floor. I took out the guitar and memories came back, some good and some bad. I shrugged it off as I rested the guitar in my lap, I reached to open one of my drawers to get a notebook and a pencil. I'm a hundred percent serious that I'm going to learn this song for her.

It's too perfect and she's perfect. I looked in the drawer and I grabbed what I needed. Before I closed it I saw the small black velvet jewelry box. My heart beat rises everytime I see that box. I looked at the door cautiously and I reached for the velvet box. I didn't want her to come in when I'm looking at this ring. I opened the box carefully and I imagine how this beautiful but simple ring would look on her hand, on that finger.

Am I going to fast?

Shut up, you already knocked her up...

I heard footsteps and I quickly shut the box and I threw it in the drawer. The footsteps stopped and I heard scratching on my door. It was just the fucking dog. The scratching got crazier. I set my guitar down and I walked to open the door and let Pumpkin in. When I open the door Pumpkin spun around and she ran down the hall. I rolled my eyes and I followed her, she scratched the door to the bedroom in order for me to open its, that's all she wanted me for? Why do I feel offended that a dog used me?

I opened the door and I heard Isabella throwing up, I sighed and I quickly grabbed a hair tie from her vanity and I quickly made my way to the bathroom to hold up her hair. I guess Pumpkin sensed that Isabella was throwing up and she called me. I held up Isabella's hair in a messy bun and I rubbed her back, that's something she likes a lot.

I told her sweet words when she stopped throwing up and she leaned against my chest. I felt bad she had to go through all these things involving her body, the best I could do was be there for the woman I love. And I plan to never leave her while she goes through this whole pregnancy.

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