Chapter 6: Approval

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Sophie squirmed under the worried glances of her parents.

She and her friends had gathered up all the adults involved with the Blackswan as well as the council to inform them of the plan.

After Fitz had agreed to her plan, the two cognates discussed specifics and worked things out. They wanted to be able to answer any questions their parents had, as well as swiftly end any arguments that came up.

Sophie felt assured that they could win this. They could get them to agree and finally take down the Neverseen once and for all.

So, there she sat, hand intertwined with Fitz's, preparing herself to go through with it.

Whenever you're ready, Soph.

Sophie flinched at hearing the voice. She hadn't realized how deep in thought she had really been.


Yeah, sorry…I'm just hoping this will go well.

I know. So am I – except I'm not hoping. I'm knowing. You've done things so much bigger than this, it should be a piece of Mallowmelt.

Sophie giggled at the reference. Thanks, Fitz. That helps a lot.

Anytime. Also…I think they're waiting.

Sophie looked up at her parents. All of the adults stared intently at her, waiting to hear what she had to say.

Alden, Della, Edaline, Grady, Kesler, Juline, Lord Cassius, the entire Elvin Council, and Mr. Forkle all stood in front of her at Everglen.

It was now or never.

She cleared her throat. "So…um…you're probably all wondering why you're here. And, um, well…we asked you to come here because we have a plan to take out the Neverseen once and for all while also getting Tam and Linh back," she gushed.

Fitz jumped in. "Before we let you know what we have to do, we want to know that you guys will at least hear us out."

The adults didn't seem to like the sound of that.

Bronte shifted. "I think I speak for the entire council, and maybe all of us, when I say that we are tired of the Neverseen's games. We are ready to be rid of them. I know that am ready to hear you out."

Sophie smiled. This was starting off pretty smooth. She couldn't wait to tell them the actual plan. Joy (note the intense sarcasm).

"Thank you, Bronte," Sophie replied. "Before we begin, I'd like to know if everyone in this room agrees."
All the adults bobbed their heads, a handful quite reluctantly.

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