Chapter 27

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•Amelia's POV•
"Are you stupid Damon?! I don't want you to go to jail!" I kept trying to hold Damon back but his grip on my arm was far too strong.

"He tried to kill you and me!" He shouted back. I was about to protest back but I shut my mouth.

"Let's just leave him. We can move to somewhere far away and forget all about him."  I placed my arm on his shoulder and he let out a sigh.

"Fine, but let's go out anyways, I want to show you something"

We headed towards Damon's car and sped off. After about 15 minutes of driving, he parked in front of a cute little restaurant. It wasn't big or anything and it was almost completely empty except for a small group of people near the back.

The restaurant smelled like cheese and bacon and I took a seat in a secluded booth. Damon gave the waiter a quick nod and the guy looked back at him with wide eyes. I rolled my eyes at Damon's action.

"How come you always scare people like that? He seems like a really nice guy and I don't care what ever amount of money he owes you for drugs or whatever but you can't just do that." Damon just stared and me and smiled back.

"God you're so cute." He brought his hands up to my cheeks and squished my face. I yanked his hands off my face.

"I'm serious. Scaring people is not very nice. Remember when I first starting working for you. I was terrified." I kept rambling on and didn't even notice the food in front of me. We quickly indulged the food and the terrified waitress brought the desert. It was a very small cake with cute chocolate toppings. I picked it with my hands and stuffed the whole thing into my mouth.

Damon's face went wide eyed. I narrowed my eyes at him, confused at why he would even be shocked at me eating a cake the size of a cupcake. I stopped chewing once I hit a very hard metal.

"What the fuck." I pulled the metal out, which was covered in cake bits. I almost chocked on the food I had in my mouth.

It was the small ring with a very large diamond on top. The tiny gold incrusted details made it shine even more in the dim lights of the diner.

"What the fuck.." I whispered again. Damon got up from the seat and straightened his suit. He bent down on one knee whilst grabbing my hand.

"Kyle told me you like cheesy romantic stuff so I thought It would be cute to put your ring in the cake, but I guess you were really hungry." He cleared his throat while my eyes began to blur up.

"But anyways, Amelia, my first love, the source of my happiness. I will be greatly honoured if you marry me." His face was stern and I couldn't help but laugh.

I lunged myself at him, almost knocking us over.

"Yes.." I whispered. We both got up and he quickly cleaned the ring of cake bits and placed it on my ring finger.

Once we got into the car, I kept on blabbing about wedding plans.

"Ooh! What if we have the wedding in Paris or something! It could be really small and quaint with pretty pink flowers. Gosh this is exciting." I looked at Damon who had his eyes on the road with a big smile on his face.

"What about Italy? I have a lot of family from my moms side that I would like to invite and first of all, it will not be a small wedding. I'm Damon Blaine. CEO of a big ass company, billionaire and possible the hottest guy on earth. The wedding will be grand." He scoffed.

I burst out laughing at his confidence.

"Fine you win, Mr. Hottest guy on earth. " I rolled my eyes

"When's the wedding?" I asked.

"In three weeks." He said bluntly.

"What." Three weeks? How could I even plan the whole wedding in three weeks!

"I mean, I just want to make you mine forever and plus we can get wedding planners and stuff."

"Still, if you want it in Italy and you want a big wedding, wouldn't it take like 6 months at least?" Damon just smiled at me back.

"Don't worry babe, we can finish it in time." I gave him an awkward smile and shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

I felt excited yet nervous for my wedding, I can't believe it I'm getting married to the infamous Damon Blaine.

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