Hey you guys. I am coming with a new Urban Teen Romance story. This is actually based on a true story from events that happened like a year ago leading up till like last month. No, i will not be telling which parts happened and which didn't but a few of you that saw my story I had on here a few months back will probably recognize it. lol

Thank you,

Amber xoxo

My chest heaved up and down as I pulled into the County Jail's parking lot. So many thoughts ran through my head as I put the car in park. The love of my life had been in jail for the past six years. Due to him going to jail we broke up, because I honestly couldn't hold down no nigga that went to jail. He understood and we left it at that. 

As I check myself in the mirror I cut the car off getting out. 

I can't do this. 

I said, whispering to myself. Once I locked the car, the sound of my red pointed toe heels began to click against the cement. Once I made it inside the Jail, I instantly had to go through security. There was so much shit we had to go through that might as well have stripped us naked. 

I was all set and I went to a waiting area for people being released today. Once I heard the gates open I kept my head bowed, I was nervous.

As I twiddled with my black, Gel nails I began to hear talking, crying and even laughter from ones being reunited. Where's Julian, I thought. The moment I lifted my there he stood right infront of me. 

"Don't even act like you don't know a nigga.. show me some love" He spoke with a smile.

I stood up, crying instantly as we embraced. It felt good to be in his arms again. 

"Damnnnnn" He said as we stepped back, he looked me up and down.

"You a grown ass women now Ciara" He smirked.

"Yupp, twenty four." I smiled. "Come on, lets go get you out of these clothes"


"So how's everyone been?" Jules asked. 

I sighed. "Well I don't speak with my parents anymore since you went to jail. To be honest they sort of despise you since you got locked up.... they barely want to even talk to me Jules"

When I started messing around with Jules, I didn't tell my parents. My parents knew a few months later and once they found out his age they didn't even want me talking to him. 


"Yeah.. that's why I moved, I had to get away"

"Oh yeah so tell me about this little girl! Well MY little girl" He smiled as he rubbed up and down my leg. "I can't believe I have a daughter bruh. I hate that she is so old now... I missed the important parts of her life and I hate that shit"

"Where she at now?" He added.

"At Monica's house.. I'm about to go get her now"

Once we pulled up in front of Monica's town house Jules instantly got out. I guess he was eager to see his daughter.

"Um here's some clothes and shoes. You can change in there"

 I knocked on the door as Jules and I waited. We could hear someone coming to unlock the door and soon Monica's boyfriend opened the door.

"The freed my nigga!" He said as he dapped Jules up.

"Shit feel good fam" Jules replied as we walked inside.

"They in the living room watching Doc McStuffins"

Jules scrunched his eyebrows up. "Da' hell is that?"

James laughed "Go look my nigga"

"Julesss!" Monica screamed as she saw him. 

I saw Jules eyes look at Angel she was so focused on the TV that she didn't see me standing here. "Aye Imma go change real quick. Where the bathroom"

"Down the hall" James replied.

Jules left and I called out to Angel "Angellll" I sang.

"Mommy!" She said as she smiled and ran into my arms. 

I puffed out her puff ball that sat on the top of her head. "Mommy has some one that she wants you to meet"


Once Jules and Angel got acquainted we then got straight to business, of course with Angel occupied. I wanted to know the truth of course people told me story after story but I wanted to know the truth. That little ass girl probably did lie but then again it could have been Julian

"Julian... tell me what really happened that night" I spoke to him reffering to the night he got put in jail. 

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