Chapter 26

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•Amelia's POV•
"Miss me honey?" Stephanie's long ombré hair gracefully fell way past her shoulders and near her butt, unlike mine, which I cut out of anger when Andrea forced me to seduce creepy old men. Her blue eyes sparkled and her makeup was flawlessly put on. She looked beautiful for an evil bitch.

"What are you doing here?" Damon asked. His fists were closed up and I could see him holding back his anger.

"Well, my father thinks we are still engaged and I know Amelia is miss-" she didn't continue her sentence once she saw me.

"What? How are you here? I thought Andrea-" once again she shut herself up.

"How the hell do you Andrea?" Kyle shouted out.

"Oh.. Um.. We.. Sorta.." Stephanie kept blurting out random words when it hit me. Stephanie had some sort of involvement with Andrea and me being kidnapped. She must of heard Damon was out of the coma and came over with out knowing that I was back!

"You little bitch." I grabbed what was closest to me, which was a lamp, and threw it straight at her. The base of the lamp hit her straight in the face and she stumbled down. I got up and ran towards her, hoping to get a few punches here and there, before a set of strong arms held me back. I looked at Damon angrily.

"Let me go!" I spat out.

"Come on princess. We can't get any information out of her if she's dead." He towered over me.

My anger died down a bit and I glanced over at Stephanie. She was stumbling up, blood slightly dripping down from her forehead. She stood up and scoffed.

"Princess? Really? She's far from that." I rolled my eyes at her while she took a seat on a nearby chair.

I heard a gun cock and I immediately turned my head towards Freddy.

"What the fuck!" Kyle shouted. Poor Kyle, he isn't used to this yet.

"What? Do you think she's going talk if we ask her very nicely. I say we test how long she can go before bleeding out." Freddy said menacingly.

"I agree." I blurted it out.

"But something less loud than a gunshot."

Stephanie's expression changed from neutral to terrified. She darted towards the door but I placed my leg in front of hers. She tripped and landed face flat on the floor.

I pulled her back on to the chair and grabbed near by tape. It was the really thick tape so it was easier for me to tape her down.

I gave her an innocent smile before walking away. Kyle looked at me shocked.

"Now how are we going to do this?" I said.

My eyes glanced over to the pair or sharp scissors on Damon's desk. I grabbed it, knowing how much Stephanie loved her looks, but maybe a new fresh haircut might look good on her.

"So now do you want to talk?" I smiled at her.

Her words kept stuttering and tears pooled up around her eyes. My heart felt nothing, just anger.

"Can't you speak? Hurry up, I'm impatient." I sighed.

Stephanie took a deep breath and began to speak.

"I don't know anything." She said bluntly. I rolled my eyes before walking over. I grabbed a handful of her dyed hair and grabbed it harshly, making her wince in pain. The scissors went through her thick hair ruggedly and chunks of her hair fell to the ground. She screamed but no one else was on this floor.

"Fine! I'll speak! Please stop!" I laughed a bit seeing how important her looks were to her. Couldn't blame her, it's her tool of survival.

"Andrea received orders from someone to kidnap Amelia, I don't know who, but she was just to kidnap you. Damon was not supposed to get shot! I bumped into Andrea in the hospital and she knew who I was and told me the plan. My job was to inject Damon's IV bag with some sort of drug that kept him in a medically induced coma!" My fists curled up into a ball and anger rose up to my chest.

"How did you not get caught?" Damon calmly shouted out.

"I disguised myself as a nurse and everything else was taken care of. Andrea minions gave me the drug and I injected it." Her shrill voice echoed through the room.

My first collided with her face and I knew I broke her nose. Blood came streaming her face and I sighed trying to relieve my anger.

"Who ordered Andrea to kidnap me?" I shouted out.

"I-i don't know! I told you! I only heard Andrea talking to the phone with him and she kept referring him as Vince!"
That name sounded kind of familiar.

"It was my father." Damon said behind me. I looked at him in shock.

"Your dad had me kidnapped and tried to kill you?" I said in fear.

Damon stormed out while grabbing my hand.

"Freddy take care of her." He said blunty. Freddy smiled menacingly before my view of him disappeared.

"Where are we going?" Damon was basically dragging me out and I tried to keep up with him.

"I'm going to kill my father."

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