Chapter 25

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•Amelia's POV•
I woke up with a heavy warm object squishing me to death. Loud snores filled the room as I struggled to get Damon off of me. As I tried to push him off, his large arms wrapped around me tightly almost knocking the air out my lungs. I stopped trying to break free and glanced at the clock. 11:30 am.

"Damon! Wake up, you're late for work." I poked his sides hoping he would open his eyes.

"5 more minutes.." He mumbled.

I vigorously shook him until he was fully away.

"It's late, I'm taking a shower." I said while ruffling his messy hair. As I got off the bed, Damon grabbed my wrist.

"Can I join?" He said with a smirk. My face went red and I yanked my hand away.

"You're such s pervert!" I walked towards the washroom with Damon following behind.

"I'll take that as a yes.." He whispered into my ear. I got undressed and walked into the large shower along with Damon. I was always used to showering with extremely cold water since it relaxed me while Damon kept avoiding the water.

"God, why do you shower like this?" He said while pressing his body against mine.

"It feels good." I mumbled while trying to wash my hair.

"I know what else can make you feel good." His hand trailed down to my butt, gripping it tightly. His mouth went towards my neck, leaving kisses on it. I held back a moan by biting down on my lip.

After a steamy make out session, we finally made it out of the shower. I put on a red baggy crewneck with comfy light blue boyfriend jeans. I paired it with black sneakers and tied my damp hair in a messy bun. I picked up my phone and dialled Kyle. He needs to explain how he settled down with Freddy.

Damon finished getting ready and he was talking on the phone. As soon ask walked in the room, he hung up giving me a smile.

"I'm meeting up with Kyle at the mall, can you drop me off?" I asked.

"Can't you just come with me to the office. It's much safer and I can always keep an eye on you-"

"Come on, it's the mall, it's public, I'll be safe don't worry babe." I grabbed his hand and dragged him out the room.

After 20 minutes we arrived. I turned towards Damon and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Have a good day at work baby." I exited the car and already saw Kyle sipping away his drink.

I sat down in front of him, startling him a bit.

"Jesus Christ Amelia you scared the shit out of me!" He spat out.

"Shut up and tell me what's going on with you and Freddy." I had me concentrated look on my face and saw Kyle blushing furiously.

"Well, we've been dating for about 4 months now and he's probably the best boyfriend I've had in my life." He was playing with his thumbs.

"I met him after going up to Damon's office and I found him drunk and passed out on Damon's couch. I thought he was an intruder and I may have accidentally broken his nose cuz why the fuck would Damon have a drunk in his office. So then I took him to the hospital and he explained everything to me, from you missing to Damon getting shot and all about the evil little bitch Andrea. Like how could that bitch do that! Honestly next time I see her, I'm knocking her little ass out-" Kyle stopped talking and took a deep breathe.

"Sorry, even thinking about that little fucker makes me angry. Anyways, we grew closer over time since we always were together looking for you and he asked me out or whatever and now we love each other, even though he seriously gets on my nerve." He chuckled.

"I never thought he would go for a guy, before we got together, he was always sleeping with girls but now, he always says he can't see himself with anyone but me." I could see the happiness in his eyes when he talked about Freddy.

"And I do know you don't like him very much but please try to be nice to him." I remembered the first time I encountered Freddy. It was the day I found out Damon was some major criminal. Oh how I wanted to smack his face.

"Of course babe, I'm sure he's better once you get to know him." I smiled out.

We exited the cafe and walked towards Damon's building since it was a short walk. I encountered many familiar faces. People asking me how I was and where I went. Probably cause no law enforcement was informed when I went missing.

Kyle and I went up to Damon's office and noticed Freddy was there too. They were too focused to even notice that entered the room so I plopped onto the couch.

The room was silent other than the small humming of the air conditioning.

Slight sounds of heels clicking against the tiles were heard far away as the noise came closer. All of the sudden. The doors opened.

I glanced up and down at the figure standing by the doorway.

"Miss me honey?" All heads turned to the door and every face was shocked, including Damon.

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