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i blinked a few times to get my eyes to adjust to the sunlight pouring through the car windows. where the fuck am i? i looked over to see slash leaning against his car door, sleeping. i sat up, and poked his right arm. he hummed in response, "where are we?" i asked, his eyes were still closed. he was still sleeping. i tugged on his arm, he finally opened his eyes. "in a parking lot of a seven eleven?" he said like i couldn't look around and see that. "but why." i responded, "because the guys were at my place and they're so loud, i wanted to just be alone with you." he answered as his eyes shut, left arm slithering around my waist to pull me closer to him. i sat on his lap, both of his arms wrapped around me now.

the rising sun shone through the rear window of his car. i leaned forward and left a kiss on his chin, making him lazily crack his eyes open at me. i had a childish grin on my face, "you're too cute, vaughan. you know that?" he told me, simultaneously tilting my chin up with his index finger. i smiled in response, "can i have a kiss?" he spoke in a low voice, the sunlight making his skin look golden. I nodded, his hands found my shoulders, gently squeezing them as his lips connected to mine.

i swear, even though i've only ever kissed slash, he has to be one the best kissers ever.


i ended up taking sam to her friend's house, because i needed to talk to the guys about everything. and by everything, i mean her mom, and the new idea that popped in my head; her living with me. now, a sixteen year old flower child living with five rockstars in their twenties would be a fucking adjustment, you know? but i definitely don't want her to live with that asshole mom of hers.

i walked into the apartment and everyone was asleep, so, got a cup of water and splashed everyone in the face, receiving groans and "fuck you"s from them all.

"what the fuck, hudson?!" axl shouted, "i needed you all to wake up." i shrugged, chucking the cup into the sink. "well, you didn't fail that task." izzy said in a monotone voice. "good. i want sam to live with us." i blurted, they all stared at me blankly. "you- what?" duff slurred while rubbing his eyes, probably hungover. "wai-wai-wait, you're telling me that you want a sixteen year old girl to live with us?" axl squinted his eyes, in disbelief of what i said. "you heard me." i lit one of my marlboros.

"no." axl said, crossing his arms. "why?" steven asked, eyes still closed. "because her mom is abusing her." i said, the energy in the room shifted. "ohhh.." duff whispered, axl's face changed from pissed off tomato head to depressed teenager. axl has a past of abusive parents, so i hope he won't be completely opposed to the idea. after a few moments of silence, he spoke. "alright, she can live with us." the others agreed. "there's only one problem though." izzy began, "if her mom is crazy enough, she might try and say you kidnapped her since she's underage." he sighed. i thought about it, he's right. "fuck." i breathed, smoke clouding my vision.

"maybe you can get her to lie to her mom, and say she's living with that friend of hers." axl suggested. "good idea." i nodded.

"you want me to lie to my batshit crazy mom about living with you guys?" sam said, crossed arms as the rest of us sat around her. "yes." izzy said. "what if she figures it out? what if she manages to get you all in jail?" she said, frantically. axl put his arm around her, "listen, sweetheart. i've dealt with crazy moms before, it'll work." he said softly in her ear, making my nostrils flare as i stood against the wall. "yeah okay, back off shithead." i pushed him away from her and took his spot, making him roll his eyes.

"like i don't think you guys get it, she's so fucking crazy. she's like a bipolar mastermind. she'll find a way to figure it out." she hyperventilated. "listen, if it makes you that nervous we'll park close by so you can just run to the car if she freaks." duff suggested. she relaxed more once i kissed her cheek. "okay, i'll try it. but i can't promise it will work though." she sighed, playing with my left hand while she talked.

we all piled into izzy's van, izzy and axl sat upfront. in the back, steven and i sat next to the windows while duff and sam were squished into the middle. "zappatite" blasted through the blown out speakers as we drove to her house. we parked and she spoke, "can you guys- like- wait by the back door? she might get violent." she softly asked us. we all nodded.

she went into the house, i could sorta hear the conversation. ten minutes went by, and then all of a sudden, i heard bangs and glass breaking. "fuck!" i whispered before breaking in the door with the rest of the guys, i charged towards her mom, restraining her fists as duff picked up sam from the glass/blood covered floor. her mom's face got even redder, and so did axl's. i let go of her as we tried to run back out to the car. she was yelling incoherent things, and then she opened a drawer, revealing a gun. "oh fuck!" steven yelled. we all ran back into the car as gunshots were heard.

all of us were wide eyed and shaking, except for sam, who was still clinging onto duff while he tried to calm her down. his arms were wrapped around her, and his hand cradled the back of her head. i was still frozen.

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