Chapter 1: Misty and James

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A/N: This story is different from the ones I've written. Get ready for a crazy ride.

You ever feel like something is missing in your life? For me is adventures, trying something new. My life is just plain and boring. It's college, work and home. I want something exciting in my life.

"Can I get a coffee, please." A customer asked me. I went from table to table.

It's just me and another waiter. The diner isn't fancy or big. But people like it and we're lucky they come; we need money to pay our bills.

I live with my parents; we live in a nice neighborhood. I don't have enough money to live on my own. My dad is an architect, a great one. He earns more than we do. Mom works as a maid in a mansion. Lucky they're nice people. I'm an only child.

I just hope when I graduate college, I get a good job. I don't want mom to work forever. She comes home and always tired. One day I will.

I want to become a chef. So, starting next week, I start my classes, I'm so excited. Thanks to my grades, I got a full scholarship.

"Misty, bring me and my girls some French fries and water with lemon slice." Karina told me. I hate this person; she was the queen bee in high school. I just nodded and then went to give the chef the order.

"I can't stand girls like them." Lia told me.

"I know, they used to make my life hell in high school. lucky I won't see them in college." I replied to her.

We worked for 4 more hours and then it was time to go home. I went to the bus stop. The only one that has car, is my dad. He takes mom a to her work and picks her up.

After 30 minutes on the bus, I finally made it home. It was only 6 pm. Once I start college, I'll work from 4pm till 10pm. I can't stop working.

"I'm home," I announced to the wind cause I'm alone. Dad gets off work at 6 pm and so does mom.

I went to make a sandwich and then turned on the TV. Celeb News came up.

"The book, My Personal Bodyguard, will be soon in theaters. Everyone is so excited for this movie." The host Sarah said very excited.

Wonder who will be cast as the mains. Hope they do justice to the book. I love her books so much. My mom on the other hand, loves her father, Damon Anderson. Big fan of his movies.


All my life I've been used to the spotlight. Mainly cause my father is the famous trainer for all the stars, and my mom is a famous writer.

Me, I love to travel. I came home two weeks ago after being a year touring Latin America and Europe. College is so not for me. But I have my parents on my back telling me to pick a career. maybe one that involves traveling. but all of that involves college, which I dislike.

"Hey twit, mom says to get your behind for lunch now." Emma told me. My sister who's only younger for two years. I'm very protective of her.

We finally moved back to the city after many years living in mystic lake. The place is beautiful, but our lives are now in the city. Emma is starting her career as a chef next week.

People tell me why I haven't given love a chance again, love isn't for me. I did love someone but she decided that cheating on me was okay. Who knows if I'll ever meet that one person?

"You know, if I ever want nieces and nephew, I need for you to get a nice girl." Emma told me before drinking her juice.

"How about one of your friends."

"Thanks to you, I got none. you humped and dumped them" She rolled her eyes.

"You bring hot babes; I have to test them." I shrugged

"You two, knock it off." Mom told us.

"You're a pig."

"I got the Jacobs trait." I smirked.

"Which one?" Our parents asked us in unison.

"The unholy one." We answered them and they looked away.

I had a feeling something was going to happen, and it would change my world forever.

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