Chapter twenty-three (and results)

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Draco was beyond curious as to what they book was, "Please Harry, can you tell me what's in the book? I wont tell anyone, I swear on Mr. Teddy." The blond boy motioned to the white bear who was situated against the headboard of the bed. "Its a really big secret Draco, you cant tell anyone, okay? Not even your dad." Draco looked slightly bewildered, "Okay, I wont tell anyone! Not even my dad."

Harry huddled in closer, "Its a really special diary, okay? You know Lord Voldemort, don't you?" Draco nodded, "He's a bad man." Harry smiled, "Yes, well he might be a bad man, but this is him. He's stuck in this book. Well half of his soul is, the rest is just sort of scattered. Anyway, I'm trying to help him, and he teaches me things, that's why I'm so smart."

Draco sat with his mouth agape, "That book is the dark lord?" He gasped, voice rising to a higher pitch. "Yeah, do you want to talk to him?" The pale boy nodded dumbly, his eyes glistening in the light that reflected through the lake. Harry opened the book rather quickly and grabbed his quill, 

Hey Tom, I just told Draco about you and we're here to talk.

Draco is the Malfoy boy I presume?

Yeah, that's him. 

Okay, hand him the diary. 

Harry did so, and Draco looked at him expectantly, "Go on kid, he's waiting." Draco took the quill from Harry and began to write. 

Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy. I think you might've known my parents.

Ah yes, I did. And you as a baby, believe it or not. 


Yes, I believe so. We all thought your mother would be out of action for months after your birth and would want to stay with you, but with the help of my dear Severus she was up and running within a weeks time, it was in fact your father who stayed behind and looked after you. He brought you to a few meetings, and your mother dubbed it an annual time for everyone to play pass the baby. It was rather amusing. Although I must say Lucius looked more tired than the rest of us and we were running around setting villages on fire and such.

Draco giggled abruptly causing Harry to smile, before replying.

That sounds funny. And it doesnt surprise me much either. But I have a question, if you dont mind?

Of course not, child. What is your question?

Why did you do it? The killings, and such.

There were multiple reasons. At first we never killed anyone. I was trying to get ino the ministry to change awful ways of the law, and was dubbed a dark wizard, so me and your grandfather, Abraxas Malfoy, started fooling about and he would jokingly call me his lord. It got very out of hand as he lost his sanity, and I ended up marking him through a lot of pursuasion and such, we set a forest on fire, and people supposedly asked to join me and slowly my numbers grew. We never killed anyone, scared a few people and set things on fire, yes, after a few years, six maybe, I started forgetting to ward areas, and some people died. I felt terrible, and after awhile a few of my more insane followers started killing people without my knowledge. Thats where punishments came into place. 

I remember the first time all of my followers killed someone, some were stricken with glee, and they made me sick, others cried, one particular man didnt show up for nearly six months afterward. I started to loose my sanity, about six months before my demise and now I'm stuck as a book. The light side twisted my doings, and said i was out for muggles and muggleborns, which was true, but is no longer. I did see them as lesser, and did not want Muggle raised at Hogwarts, and that is still true in some forms. I hate the fact that muggle raised are bringing such filth to Hogwarts and extracting it from its roots. Dumbledore is not a good man, however by any means. Shall I go on? I can sense that youre tired.

Yeah, I'm very tired. He replied after a moment. I'm probably gonna go sleep now. Bye, Mr. Riddle. 

Sleep well young one. 

Harry got his book back from a half asleep Draco and sighed, "We have lunch soon, kiddo. Nap for a bit then we have to go, okay?" Draco nodded and promptly passed out. 

Harry then got back to studying the theory of spells with Tom. 


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