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Author's note! Reader is female in this!

"(Naaaame)! Are you ready yet?" Jolyne yelled up the stairs, tapping her foot impatiently. Today was the first day of the Blue Moon Group, a traveling carnival that only came to Florida once every other two years. You had gone once before, but Jolyne had never been, and was pretty impatient to leave. Given that, it was no surprise that she was becoming bossy on waiting on you.

"Gimme a second Jojo, these damn sandals straps keep getting stuck!" You called back, fumbling desperately with the straps. Why wouldn't the stupid strap just go in the metal latch already? How did the company who made these sandals think this was in any way convient?! With an agitated pull, you finally got the latch through the small hole in the strap. Letting out a sigh of relief, you ran down the stairs, where Jolyne was waiting.

Instead of her regular bizarre outfit, she was wearing something new. A tight croppish top t-shirt with a dragonfly print in the middle, white slacks and her usual slip ons. While her outfit was more practical and less complicated, yours was the complete opposite. A pretty light yellow blouse tied in a bow at your abdomen, with a brown belt and lower thigh length white skirt, accompanied by those bastard sandals. You were an overachiever when it came to fashion impressions.

Jojo's eyebrows flew up, her mouth agape. "Damn (Name), I didn't know you could clean up so well!" She cooed after finding her words again. Your cheeks flushed a faint pink, but you waved off her words. "I just want to look nice for this, it's been a while since I last went to the carnival!" You justified your outfit, but Jolyne wasn't hearing it. She would constantly bring it up, only making your cheeks flush even more from embarrassment. You finally managed to make her shut up about it when you jingled your car keys, snapping her attention back to the carnival.

Hopping in the car, you two had a plan. Meet up at your house, drive about 45 minutes to the carnival, meet with Hermes and Foo Fighters there, then later in the afternoon find Anasui and Emporio (who was being fostered by both Anasui and Weather Report, bless them) and have fun with the whole gang. Unfortunately, Weather Report had caught a nasty cold and didn't want to risk everyone else getting sick, so he decided to stay home. How Anasui and Emporio didn't get sick was beyond you. Lucky genetics maybe?

Letting the hood of your car roll down, the radio began playing one of Jolyne's favourite songs, Girls by MARINA. Leaning over to the middle console, she sang/yelled the lyrics to the electric pop song as you backed out of the driveway and made your way to the beach, where the carnival was taking place. "Girls are not meant to look dirty" Jolyne sang, looking at you with her lips pursed. "Never look a day past thirty!" You finished, pulling off your best middle aged woman impression, setting off Jolyne into a fit of giggles. You didn't know why, but it made your heart flutter.

20 minutes into the drive, you and Jolyne were listening to the radio silently. The cool breeze had thrown your hair to the wind, gently tangling the ends of your locks into little tangles. You didn't say anything about it or brought it up, but you could feel Jolyne's steady gaze on you, in particular your face. Was there something on your face, like an unblended area of foundation, or streak of mascara? Her bright green eyes staring at you made you feel nervous and flustered, raising a very light pink to your cheeks once again. How was she controlling your emotions so effortlessly? God, you couldn't figure it out.

A loud squeal from your right side threw you out of your daydream. "I can see the ferris wheel!" Jolyne gushed, pointing in the direction of the carnival. Even from three miles away, you could see the ever growing silhouettes of the carnival. A toothy grin grew across your face. "You ready, Jojo?" You called to her, trilling her name playfully. She nodded excitedly, clapping her hands together. "This is gonna be so freakin' awesome!" She whooped, also grinning. Girls grinning galore!

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