Chapter 2

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I start heading to my favorite class of the whole day, Calculus. Not only do I love this class because its math but I get to see the boy I have admired from afar since Junior year, Asher Martinez. I get happy even if I just take one glance at him throughout the day.

Asher is your typical popular boy. He is tall, has black hair, brown eyes, and has the cutest boxy smile. As a popular boy, of course, all the girls want him. You wouldn't be surprised if you asked almost all the girls in Stillwater High who their crush is and they would answer with Asher. The girls who don't like Asher would answer with Asher's friends since they are also attractive as hell. Well, I guess that's my only friends in this school, Emily and Amelia. Emily likes Noah and Amelia likes Ethan which is probably the next most popular boys in the school.

I get to my class and start walking towards my seat and some barbies begin laughing as I pass by them. I just ignore them like always to save me from being embarrassed. I sit in my seat and began taking my notebook out with my homework from last night. "Hey Vanessa," says Emily and Amelia. I greet them as well and they take their seats next to me. The bell rings after a couple of minutes and there are no signs of Asher coming. I just sigh and decide to focus in class. Fifteen minutes into class the door burst open with an exhausted Asher, I guess from running. He begins walking through the door murmuring a "sorry" to the teacher and looks around the classroom for an empty seat. Seeing him gets my mood up and I decided to focus and continue taking notes. I lose my focus when I feel someone sitting in the chair in front of me. I look up and regretted it that instant. I stared into those beautiful brown eyes and I feel my face getting hot. I don't know for how long but we remind the eye contact until he says, "Hi, Vanessa right?" I looked around the class wondering if there was another Vanessa in this class, I mean why would the most popular boy be talking to me. As I do that I see the barbies glaring at me. Oh no, I'm definitely gonna get a word from them and some kicks. After I realize that I'm making a fool of myself for not responding back, I look at him with a flustered face and he breaks into a smirk. Oh god, I might explode if he continues. He finally looks towards the front of the classroom where the teacher is busy explaining tonight's homework.

The bell finally rings after about forty minutes. I start packing my things up and start heading towards the door with Emily and Amelia. I was too late to realize a foot stuck out that belong to the popular girl, Tatiana. I fell face first into the ground. Until I realized what had happened, the classroom was filled with laughter. Amelia and Emily were as shocked as I was and I don't think twice but to run to the bathroom. I went inside one of the stalls and started crying without stop. I began to wonder if Asher was laughing as well. Who am I kidding, he probably enjoyed Tatiana bullying me. After all, there are rumors that they were dating. I try to calm myself down and I hear the sound of heels of someone coming into the bathroom. "Well I guess that served you right for trying to steal my man," said Tatiana. I immediately recognized her voice. She continued, "I mean aren't you a nerd or something, you should be smart enough to know that no one would look at you when you are that ugly." I try to hold in a sob, I wasn't going to let her hear how much her words affected me. I wanted to take this wig out and see her face once she knows who she messed with this whole time but I restrained myself from doing so. If I do that it would blow my cover up and I would be forced to move. "Well Vanessa I'll see you at lunch to have our daily fun," she said as she left the bathroom. Soon after Emily and Amelia come into the bathroom and say "Sorry Vanessa that we took so long, we were trying to pick up your stuff because all of it was scattered everywhere." I head out the stall and say, "it's okay and thank you guys, let's head to class." Emily looks at me with a concerned face and tells me "I think you should go home today, you don't look okay." I reply back to her, "no, I can't skip school and get behind in my classes. Let's go and by the way did he laugh?" "Who, Asher?" asked Amelia. "Yeah" I reply back. "Actually, Asher and Tatiana were kinda having a heated argument outside the classroom when we started heading here," said Amelia. I'm surprised, aren't they dating? Why would he argue with her? Was it because of me? I stop myself from thinking that, why would he do it because of me? I'm probably a nobody to him.

The day continues and I'm finally at my last class and it must be my lucky day because Tatiana didn't beat me up like she promised she would.

My last class ends and I'm already outside walking to where I always meet Michael to pick me up and head to the company to do some work. Until someone yells, "Vanessa wait up!" Oh god! It's his voice but it can't be him! I decide to keep walking because I'm probably hallucinating. "Vanessa..." says a calm voice and as I look towards the person, I freeze up and realize I was right all along. Asher begins to get something out of his pocket and to my surprise, it's my phone! No wonder I didn't get any calls from the company yet. "Your phone fell in calculus class so I wanted to return it," he says. I might die right now, this is the first time we actually are talking yet, I can't utter a word. Vanessa why is he affecting you this much! Get it together and be confident! "Oh... umm... t-t-thanks..." I reply back. Omg, why am I stuttering! "Well are you okay?" he asks. "Umm... yeah I'm okay, thanks for asking." "Well I'll text you later?" he asks. I say, "sure, bye" and then gives me a small smile and leaves.

Wait, was I supposed to ask for his number? Well, I guess this was the only and last time talking to him. Then I start heading to the car and get in after greeting Michael. Throughout the car ride, I get rid of the wig, glasses and the freckles. After some time we finally get to the company.

"Good afternoon, Miss Vanessa," says my secretary. I say, "good afternoon, Claire. What's my schedule today?" "Miss Vanessa, today you just have to check the improvements that we made for the clothes in the fall collection after you gave your opinion and the packaging for your new eyeshadow pallets," says Claire. "Okay thank you, Claire." When she heads out I change my outfit and start working.

After a couple of hours, I finish everything and come back to my office to pack up everything. Suddenly my phone gets a notification. I pick it up and see...

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