Chapter Forty-Five - Mother's Words Of Wisdom

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I watched with mild mortification as my mother's eyes turned large and confused, followed by an extremely sceptical look from Peter. Oh my God. Talk about ripping the Band-Aid off quick...

I giggled uncomfortably, unsure how to proceed. But when it looked like neither of my parents were going to respond I took a deep, composing breath. "That must've sounded... ridiculous."

Peter raised a brow.

I glanced at Jacobi who was certainly blushing, which was really cute, but definitely not the time to admire Jacobi's cuteness. The Prince of werewolves really had to practice breaking news to people...

"But it's true." I focused my attention on my mom who seemed slightly less dubious than Peter. "You know there's an inkling of a chance he's telling the truth, don't you?" We locked eyes. "After all, you kept certain things from me growing up."

She frowned quizzically but her shoulders ultimately slumped in defeat, "This wasn't the life I wanted for you, Alaska."

"Are you actually listening to this bullshit?" Peter looked at her incredulously, a hysterical laughter in his voice. "Have you lost your mind, Kim?"

"There are things you don't know, Peter." She responded with pleading eyes, as if she were afraid he was going to leave her. I felt a pinch of remorse. We should've broken the news to Mom first. "I have never heard of... werewolves." She glanced at Jacobi cautiously. "But I've heard of other phenomenal things... I've seen other phenomenal things that have taught me the world is a big rock filled with secrets."

He blinked once. He blinked again. He scrutinized me, then Jacobi, then me again. "Alaska, explain." He demanded.

What! Why me? Both Jacobi and my mother had ideas of these phenomenal things too! However, considering he was in a semi-state of panic, I conceded. "It sort of has to do with my birth father." I sighed, glancing at the dining table. Alright, this wasn't going to be a typical, welcome-home family dinner. But we might as well make the best of it. "Can we start dinner and I'll explain everything?"

"What a fine idea." Mom scurried to the kitchen, "Sit down, Peter." She called behind her, "I'll set the rest of the table."

He complied with no complaint. The stereo was still playing cheery Christina Aguilera Christmas music; I turned it down a few notches, but not all the way. The music would help alleviate the tension that was bound to continue throughout dinner. Jacobi followed me to the corner of the room.

"You okay?" He murmured in my ear, lips nearly pressed to my lobe.

I turned, meeting his warm eyes, "I'll be fine."

"I'm sorry if that was really abrupt. I just wanted to get it out before changing my mind."

I knew that telling my parents about werewolves went against everything his people believed and I understood how difficult it was for him. I wasn't angry with him. Perhaps he could've gone about it in a more subtle way but he'd done it for me and beggars couldn't be choosers. He'd done me a favour.

"That's alright." I squeezed his hand in reassurance. "Thank you for doing it." We made our way to the dining table together. I took a seat across from Peter while Jacobi took the chair beside me. Peter stared at Jacobi with unease. Jacobi was most certainly not as welcome here as Kyle once was... if only Peter knew. I would tell him in a few minutes and then he'd know everything. Would he think of us as a family of freaks? Would he leave my mom? Would he kick Jacobi and I out of the house? This could pan out in a number of different ways and my heart was pounding nervously. I could only hope that Peter would hear us out and be understanding.

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