Ch.8 Continuing My Search

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"Emiko~, slow down."

"I have to get home before Mr. Isshin gets worried. It's almost midnight."

"I know but, I wanted to say I'm sorry."

I stop walking and face the spirit next to me. Nagi looks towards the ground disappointed.

"I really thought she was talking about you. She never mentioned the girl being a baby or that it was over a hundred years ago."

"It's fine. It just means I have to look harder."

"Look harder? B-But, you've been looking for eight years. How much more work do you have to do?"

I look away from Nagi as I answered.

"...I won't stop until I figure out where I'm from. I want to know who my birth family is really bad."


"I love the Kurosaki's with all my heart. But I just want to know."

"...But what if you never find them?"



I turn to find Ichigo, in his soul reaper form, running towards us with Rukia, in pajamas.

"Hey, why are you beat up a bit? Was it a Hollow?"

"We just saved Orihime from getting killed by a Hollow." Rukia answered.

"What? Is she okay?"

"She'll be fine. She's resting right now. When she wakes up tomorrow, her memories will be replaced."

"Replaced...? Is that what you did to our family the night the Hollow attacked?"


"I see..."

"Anyway, why are you coming home so late?"

I look towards my brother.

"Don't start sounding like him. I thought I had another lead on my real family...but I was wrong."

"...I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's fine. I'm glad you two are okay."

"Come on, let's sneak back into the house."

"Okay. See ya, Nagi."

"Bye you guys."

As fast as our legs could carry us, Ichigo, Rukia, and I head home.

~~~~Time Skip~~~~

Two days has gone by. It's currently lunch time. Rukia, Ichigo, and I were eating lunch on the roof of the school. I had to sneak up here, though.

"Hey, how do I drink this?" Rukia asks me as she holds out her juice box.

"Hmm? They don't have something like that in the Soul Society?"

"Us soul reapers don't ever really have to eat anything there."

"I see. Here."

I take the box and show her how to poke the straw through the hole.

"Thank you."

"Welcome. Oh, Ichigo told me about you sleeping in his closet."


"You don't have to sleep there, you know. If you're going to stay with us, you can stay in my room. It's big enough for the both of us."

"Thank you, I just might take you up on that offer. Your brother snores really loud."

"You're the one who chose my closet." Ichigo simply replied.

"Wow, together again? You must be in love or something. Oh, and Emiko is here too."

Ichigo and I look towards the voice to find a small teenage boy with black hair and dark eyes.

"Mizuiro, you moron. Does this look like love to you? My sister is here after all." Ichigo replies as the boy made his way over and sat next to him.

"I can see that. Anyway, deny it all you want. People are gonna talk, though."

"Whatever. If I cared what people thought, I'd have dyed my hair black a long time ago."

"I guess so. Then you would match Emiko over there."

"Hi, Mizuiro. And this is my hair's natural color."

"I know. Though, I don't know why people think you dyed it. Hi, Rukia."

"Hello, um...Mizuiro?"

"Correct. Look at that, you remembered my name. And we weren't even introduced. My full name is Mizuiro Kojima, 15 years old. My hobby is-"

"Picking up chicks." Ichigo interrupts.

"What?! N-No, not that!"

"Watch out, Rukia. He looks like a dork, but he's a real player. He's been after Emiko a few times as well."

"Stop! You're ruining my rep. And I have never even looked at Emiko like that. Yes, her beauty defies all logic, but I only go for the older women. Making me harmless to her and other girls our age."

"Like I said, watch out."


Right, Rukia is so much older than the rest of us.

"Mind if I join you guys?"

"Hey, Keigo." Ichigo greets another one of his friends.

"Chad's not here?" Keigo asks as he approached us.

"No." Ichigo answers.

"I haven't seen him." Mizuiro adds.

"Weird, where could he be?"

While looking around, Keigo's eyes lands on Rukia and I.

"The beautiful new girl?! And the goddess of all beauty?! Sitting together with us?! What's going on here?!"

"Ichigo picked Rukia up and brought her here. Emiko came for a visit." Mizuiro answers.

"What? Shut up." Ichigo simply replies.

Being just as dramatic as Isshin, Keigo places his hand on Ichigo's shoulder as the tears of happiness leave his eyes.

"Good job!"

"Uh...sure man..."

Keigo walks up to the both of us.

"Um... Hello." Rukia greets him.

"You don't have to be nice to him, Rukia."

"Ah, the goddess is as cold as ever. I've missed you so much, Emiko. Anyway, I'm Keigo Asano! Welcome to this garden of manliness, Rukia!"

"...I'm leaving."

"Don't leave, my goddess!"

Before I could get up, Keigo is suddenly kicked from behind and lands on the ground.

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